Best Chair Ever?

It is amazing how sitting all day can take its toll on you when you have a bad chair… My real day job I sit 8 hours in front of a computer the majority of the time, and I started to get back pains and weird stuff happening in my hip. I went to a chiropractor for sports medicine and I would feel good leaving but after a couple days at work it would be back. I started to notice a trend that as days went through the week it would get worse and by Friday it was almost unbearable. the company I worked for gave me a new chair, but didn’t really ease the issue. I went to the local office supply store and they had some okay chairs but nothing really caught my attention. I ended up buying this…

I cant believe the difference in how I feel, and I loved it so much I got 2 more for the studio. the arms are removable so if you want to play guitar in it its pretty easy and all the adjustments make it very comfortable and easy to get where you want. Another thing I noticed is while mixing I would start to slouch, and with the adjustments I made to the chair it has kept me at a better position consistently. I cant believe a chair could make such a difference. I’m sure this isn’t the coolest review, but other than having functional reliable equipment this has been the #1 absolute favorite thing in my studio and my office at work… So if anyone is having issues with their back or feeling weird after sitting long hours do yourself a favor and look into a different chair. This isn’t an equipment thing it is a quality of life thing. I’m sure there are other similar chairs available just make sure it has a lumbar support, the seating is rated for more than 4 hours and you have plenty of adjustment options. I know its hard to tell from the picture, but this chair is heavy, not some cheap plastic looking thing.

There’s a lot to be said about having a quality chair when you know you’ll be sitting on your butt for several hours. Other than the ears, that may very well be one of the most important mixing tools you’ll have!

Sometime the smallest things have the biggest impact! This is useful.

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Also, if the chair ever stops working, one of the ladies in the office, where I work, swear by this±+Office+Furniture-_-9SIA94G3TC1046&gclid=CjwKEAiAm8nCBRD7xLj-2aWFyz8SJAAQNalaGSl4bIZRHqs0NJDZAP7BpyhntaK2HubhDoajzWnktRoC84vw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds

These are pricey, but standing throughout the day is vital for back health in an office setting. Wish you the best.

I’ve been considering a standing desk for my regular work for the last several months now. I’ve seen a number of options for that. I may pull the trigger on that soon. I get tired of sitting so much

I have this exact chair at both my computers. They’re great.

A bunch of folks in my organization have gone over to a standing desk. I don’t think I could do that, I really dislike being on my feet for long periods of time. I make a point to get up and do a couple circuits around the building several times a day though.

A great chair is essential. I stand and sit as I mix in my control room. It is a great way to work.

That’s cool that the arms are removable, I’ve been using a horrible chair for years because of the guitar thing. All the nice chairs seem to have arms, it never occurred to me that they could be removable.

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Whoops, then the chairs I have are not exactly like this one, because mine do not have the removable arms. I sure wish they did! When I am going to be tracking I have to roll that chair away and put in a cheap (armless) folding chair, it’s the only thing I have that’s armless at the moment. Very uncomfortable!

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My chair doesn’t have removable arms. I track in it all the time. If I am having an issue I sitt closer to the edge of the chair to get the arms out of my way. This is very rare.

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I do that too Paul, for shorter bits of work when I don’t get too cramped by perching on the edge of the chair. The chair arms really get in the way of being able to move my elbows properly when playing guitar/bass/mando.

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I track guitars like I play them - standing.

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The only thing that’s really solved my back complaints is a standing desk! That said, when I do sit, this chair from the Container Store is really great and super affordable:

Interesting… are those actual bungee cords? How long have you had yours Sam? Have the cords started to stretch or sag? That’s my only concern with a design of this type, that it’ll eventually lose its elasticity and get all saggy. Otherwise, looks slick, good support and no arms…

I’ve had mine for a few years now, and although it’s seen a lot less use in the last two years since I got my standing desk, before that I used it every day and it is still in great shape. My friend had one first, and I liked his so much I asked him where to get it and bought mine. I was at his house yesterday, he still has his and it looks great (no sagging.) Another friend saw mine and liked it so much that he bought one, and his is holding up well, too. That said, I’m the heaviest of the three of us at 190lbs – I don’t know if someone who is more heavy-set would find the chair did not offer enough support. However, the cords are really durable and have pretty strong tension.

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I’m surprised people are willingly using standing desks, I figured those were meant for jobs where the employers want to make sure the employees are as uncomfortable as possible at all times. Standing sounds awful to me but I’m lazy. I do bet my mixes would get done faster if I had a standing desk though. :thumbsup:

A bunch of my folks at JSC use them very willingly. They find it helps their posture and back. Me, I couldn’t be on my feet for that long…

Carl Tatz Designs “Phantom Focus E-Chair” is a high-quality product. Built with ergonomics in mind, for studio use where you sit for hours at a time. Also available for larger guys, a plus for me. Not cheap at about $560.00, but less expensive than some of the competition. Tatz is a famous studio designer, who has designed and built some awesome rooms.