Being true to yourself demo

Back and forth with a two day track about keeping one’s identity and not trying to be someone else. Not a great attempt, but somebody has to keep this place movin.
Lyrics help appreciated.

You be you and I will be me

F C Bb C
You are a very good you…but I must always be me
F C Bb C
When you try to be me… and I try to be you
Bb C F
Nobody wins… we lose… being unique

Bb F C F
You be you… and I will be me …we can not pretend …we must disagree
Bb F
You be you… and I will be me
we must be ourselves …if we’re to move on and be free

F C Bb C
Some feel a need… to fight….to prove who’s wrong or right
F C Bb C
Sim…pa…ly try to hold back that …adrenalin first reaction
Bb C F
you might get be repaid …by an af…ter…noon delight Bb C F

Sounds very nice and pleasant. Nice job!

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