Been working on a web app for a couple months

Been working on a web app for a couple months

Thought some of you guys and gals might get a kick out of seeing this… Been working on building out the machine learning and data engine that runs on the client-facing side and the marketing pages, as well as the backend analytics part. on this since the beginning of April. I really like working with this company. It’s based in Silicon Valley CA, but I’m still working remote from my house in SC.

Is anyone here into photography? I still don’t know much about photography, but it has a super enthusiastic user base :slight_smile:

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I’m not into photography @Jonathan but the site looks good and seems functional. I’m sure the back end stuff is a lot more difficult than what we see here. Seems like from a marketing standpoint they should offer some kind of freebie besides the trial to draw people in. You might want to post this somewhere besides Backstage, we don’t all look back here for stuff.

The site looks very nice. It seems to navigate well, but I just poked around a little bit. I have some interest in photography, not a hobby though. Just taking vacation pics and family photos over the years mostly. I did study the mechanics a bit, and find the art and techniques (perspective, etc) of it fascinating. I learned some dark-room stuff, very basic, way back in the old days of film photography.

It’s not music related, and somebody(s) made the decision to hide the Category with optional opt-in. There are pro’s and con’s to every decision. :wink:

Thanks for the suggestion - moved it to progress logs category :slight_smile:

The photo management and payment side of the site is where the company focuses most of its resources. The marketing/advertising side is one designer with a CMS (like wordpress). The client-facing marketing side has performance issues, but I think the marketing guy’s design work is nice.