Be my reference ? :)

Hi guys,

I found some more multitracks online, and gave it a go. All analog tracks. No reamping since I had no DI-tracks.

Personally I got the feeling, I’m getting somewhere. Considering its only on headphones. Got no real feel for the low end and such. But all and all, no complaints, and happy with the progress :slight_smile: Still lots of room for improvement, and I’m not even using automations yet. Kinda scares me :smiley: haha

Any way, thanks for the trouble !


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I’m really unfamiliar with this style of music. Can you post a couple references that show an appropriate kick/bass level relationship for this genre? At first I though the bass was real low then I pulled a couple Metallica live clips and it was spot on compared to that. Is the bass guitar normally way lower than in Country and Rap?

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Hey Jonathan,

Thanks for checking :slight_smile:
Yeah the bass is indeed a lot lighter then in much other styles. Thats whats makes it hard and confusing for me. If I focus on getting a nice fat base to much. I usually overkill it :smiley:

This isn’t really my subgenre in metal. But I can withstand it :smiley: So I don’t really know much other bands in this genre. I can give you the link where I got the tracks from > ctrl F > “Burning birdges” and then you can preview the tracks with the little play button :slight_smile:

The low end is a little funky. There’s quite a bit of mud, and not a lot of deep low end. It sounds like there’s too much 500Hz or somewhere around that area. That’s the most obvious issue I’m hearing. Fix that, and there might be other issues that are noticeable, but I can’t hear them as it is.

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Hey Boz,

Thanks for checking :slight_smile:

I’ll check it out, and try to fix it. I also think I fucked up my master buss a bitt.


I heard that too. There’s some kind of build up of boomy noise going, but I heard it below 120 on my system.

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I am with Boz, same thing.

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That’s the first thing that jumped out at me too. I wasn’t getting much in my subwoofer (deep low end), but lots of bass/kick coming through the stereo speakers (more than usual) and the muddiness there in the low mids. Working with the low end, getting the bass/kick relationship really working, and cutting low mid mud could help this a lot. Otherwise, it seemed a pretty good balance for pre-automation. Chorus was a bit hyped on the high end, but in some ways a nice contrast to the lack of that in other sections, and I guess hyped high end is kind of expected now in modern music to some degree. It does bring some excitement to that section.

Nice song, thanks for the download link. Check to make sure you’re not high-passing the low end too much. In this style I would expect a fair bit in the subs even before mixing.


Sounding pretty punchy for the most part, but something is not quite working with the bass and kick.

I noticed the muddiness in the bass particularly when it goes up into the higher register later in the song. In the lower register, on the other hand, the bass doesn’t seem to be prominent enough to support the kick drum, so the low end sounds a bit disconnected. You may need to process things differently for different parts of the song.

I like the sound of the vocals, gutars and bass, though.

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Thanks for all the comments guys, sorry haven’t been more responsive yet :blush:.
It sems like there is a general consensus :blush:. So I’ll try to adres that issue. Should have some time next weekend or the week after, to do some mixing, so… I also have another one waititng to post, bit thats more of a jazzy/rock and roll style song :grin:.

But I guess, as long as I’m working on heaphones its gonna be pretty hard to do that low end properly. I find it pretty hard to know what to do there.


I tried to fix the low end funkyness a little bit :slight_smile:

Okay, I listened to both files and I share thoughts from previous people.
I found very spot on for most parts and it fits the genre pretty well to me.

At the end, I would like something between the two mixes: punch and hits from the 1st, meat and balls from the second one :slight_smile:

On little thing I could add I found that the main vocal is sometimes a bit lost in the mix (on busy parts for instance). But it’s pretty damn good to me!
Heavy \m/