Be Bad to be Good

I really enjoyed this presentation - It speaks to a philosophy that I hold dear:

…and here’s one for you @Jonathan -


Good stuff…cool guy

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Very inspirational!
Thanks for this post!!!

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I loved the intro to the first video: “Yes … I’m vlogging.” This guy is pretty cool. The idea reminds me of “Improv” (i.e. comedy), where the 1st (or 2nd) rule is “Embrace The Suck”. You can’t become funny without taking the chance of sucking at it. Same with storytelling, or music/songwriting, or poetry, or whatever. It’s really a law of success, that failure is a key ingredient to becoming successful. You learn from your failures. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but to be embraced as a learning opportunity.
I think that’s what the mixing contests were all about too. Take your best shot, and see how you did. Take the critiques, wash/rinse/repeat, and try again. We’re always learning, and hopefully doing our best in the Now-Space (present moment).

The second video was interesting for the drum rudiments, he did okay for the most part. (better than he gave himself credit for, or the software did)

“We are always the student.” “There’s no such thing as mastery.” “Embrace the Suck.”

Socrates, the famous ancient Greek philosopher, was known for proclaiming “I know nothing”, even though he was considered one of the wisest men in ancient Athens. It was his embrace of “I know nothing” that enabled him to always “question everything”, including himself and his own ‘knowledge’. Another lost art IMO.

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