BASSMASTER - Mixin' Like A Raccoon In A Garage

I decided not to mix it.

These are the official/unofficial ‘rules’ from the original thread.


I generally agree with everyone else’s criticisms.

-The snare DOES sound great and snappy, but the drums are too high in the mix for me. I think that I’m only really hearing the guitars because I’ve now heard them so much that I know what they’re doing.

-All of the vocals are way too low, but I can kind of hear the 2-stage reverb (which is super cool idea that I’ve never tried in quite this way.)

-I’m not sure if you cleaned up the guitars, but I like their general sound. I would just personally question the choice of panning the “melody guitar”. Maybe that’s just my taste…

-And I definitely agree with vtr that it’s not our place to pass judgement on the quality of the music itself. We didn’t participate in the composition (so we’re just mixers) and none of the issues with the songwriting or recording make the track unmixable. At least for me. But I’ve worked on lots of shitty punk records lol.

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I liked the drum mix, nice kick and snare, and the hats are very present and clear.

The guitar tones are nice, but a bit low in the mix.

Vocals a bit low as well, I think.

Overall a nice mix, congrats!

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