Big Al's Mix Extravaganza (An ird Mix Contest)

@BigAlRocks is hosting this mix contest, and the winner will take home @bozmillar’s Imperial Delay!

Big Al's Mix Extravaganza (An ird Mix Contest)

Waaaaay back in 2006, I wrote the lyrics for this song (My One & Only) and a friend wrote the music. We got as far as recording a rough demo and then life got in the way and I shelved it. Skip ahead to some time in 2017 and I am here on IRD looking for a guitar player to collaborate on this recording. @madpsychot stepped up and recorded some guitar tracks and sent them to me. Included with the tracks are WAV files of the tracks with AND without amp sims so that you can mix and match and go crazy.

Basically, I don’t want the structure of the song to be changed. You are welcome to use the guitar tracks that have been included, replace them, or play your own instruments along side them to enhance the song. You’re also welcome to replace my drum and bass tracks. Feel free to add any other instrumentation that you feel helps the song.

The winning mix will be the mix that will become official release. Boz’s plugin Imperial Delay is the grand prize. I’m going to give an Amazon gift card as the random prize.

Sometimes I’m not good at explaining myself so if you have questions or want clarification, feel free to post here on PM me.

Here’s the download link to the files for my song.


Included with the files is a lyric/chord sheet. There’s also a demo WAV of the song in the zip file.

Here’s a YouTube link for you to preview the demo: (removed)


Thanks for making this contest possible @BigAlRocks and @bozmillar :beerbanger:

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What specifically do you mean by structure?

Don’t rearrange the song.

What elements of it? What aspects of the song are you not wanting rearranged?

I don’t want any verses or choruses moved to another section of the song. I also want the song to say in the key in which it was originally recorded.

Thank you!

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Needs kick drum track

FThe drums are from a drum track plugin. I can open the drum track and delete everything but the kick and export a kick track. It may be the weekend before I get a chance.


As soon as you add midrange to the drums, the kick disappears.

…like anyone ever ADDS midrange to a kick drum, lol. :wink:

Surprisingly, I actually got enough uninterrupted time tonight to edit the drum track and isolate the kick drum, so here it is!


Thanks Dude.

Sounds sooo
much better with midrange added, too :wink:

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Thank you for working on it. If anyone else wants any other drum tracks isolated, I’d be happy to do so.

Hi big Al Sounds like a fun song to mess with. I went to the site but I couldn’t access any of the tracks. They were all gray in color. I did listen to the song on youtube tho. It might because I am still using win7 and not 10. I was looking forward to this, but I am always plagued with technical problems. Something bout that chorus that brought me back in time:)

I’m not sure what you mean by “gray in color” @feaker. Did you get the tracks from here:


(don’t forget the isolated kick drum track: (removed))

Were they gray in color in your DAW? I wouldn’t think that having Win7 would be an issue.

I’m glad that chorus gave you a flashback. :slight_smile:

double post

Hello Guys! I just today found info about contest, know that I’m late but any way did mix. Link for it is down here, would be interesting to have some feedback from all of you who have some free minutes

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Good vibes coming from this mix. it has a dirty rock feel. Some of the vocals could use some gentle tuning. I really like what you did with them on the break down/bridge. Overall well done.

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Tried going to your link to give a listen, but it’s dead!