BASS heavy horn sounds plugins

BASS heavy horn sounds plugins


Hi, (I hope this is the right category :slight_smile: )

I’m working on an intro for video’s, more specifically the sound atm. I’m trying to make a very heavy sound, that fades in gets louder and more intense to the end. A little bit like the THX intro, but then with a different and more distorted sound. The problem is, that since I hardly use synth plugs, I don’t really find what I’m looking for in the one’s I have. Does any one have a suggestion on what plugin I could use? If possible free, or cheap !

Basically some kind of horn like sound, that doesn’t decay immediately so I can fade it in over a period of 4 to 6 sec’s. Like from a large ship, but then with a lower octave in it.

I hope I’m being some what clear about what I’m after :smiley:

Thanks in advance !

Some examples of what I’m looking for:


You can probably do that with a sound effect audio clip since it’s just a short intro. It would probably be much easier, though you’ll have to search the free (or paid) sound effects on the web to find what you want. Just find one that gets as loud as you want at maximum, so you can fade up to that level, and which will work with the distortion you have in mind. Possibly, you can use a tone generator plugin to create your sound (though it will be very clean) and then process the hell out of it to get the sound you want.


Hi Stan,

That tone generator option is my best option I think. But I don’t know any good one’s :smiley:


Seems like a sample of either brass OR something like a cello, but slowed down a LOT. With a little reverb, you could get very close to that sound


Hmm, ok I might try that one :slight_smile: thanks


Off topic, but I realized Rebel Jelle sounds like the title of that Billy Idol song. :slightly_smiling_face:


LoooL :slight_smile: