Basic questions about putting stems online. wav, Mp3?

Basic questions about putting stems online. wav, Mp3?


We had some mention a while back about members putting their songs online for others to try mixing etc and sometimes it comes up in discussions in “bash” etc

So basically we are talking about .wav files, correct?

is there some easy way to export these in Reaper? I have done it before but its been a while lol

Thanks, JJ


Yeah there totally is. Check this out: (I’m sorry that it’s orange, lol.)


yeah ive done it before but been a while. Im researching and thinking thru the whole thing now.

trying to strike a balance between control and ease/simplicity. for instance maybe we all would like to try to re-balance each others mixes etc but this song had 60 tracks altogether since each individual drum elements had its own track (multiple mics etc) and of course the vocals were spread out on multiple tracks.

So im trying to think thru the best way to bounce it down so people can play with it.

I think for fun I might do: drums, bass, rhythm guitars, lead gtr, lead vocals, bgv


I’m assuming you got your answer but I’ll throw my experiences with stems and reaper in too.
I love their export feature and it can be handy for almost any situation.
In my band, I export stems and send them to the all members who use them as guides. So in this case, the mix can be rough. I don’t send individual drum tracks or the like, usually am entire drum stem, one entire guitar stem, bass and sometimes a reverb stem.
I send these as mp3’s purely as they will be recording alongside them and not mixing them. They then export their newly recorded tracks (all of them individually) and not the other stems as I already have them.
Did you figure out how to do it?


yeah ive done it before anyway, just been a while lol. Its very simple. i was more or less also trying to brainstorm exactly WHAT to export and in the back of my mind where i was going to host them lol