Bashing religion just a tad..lyrics only cuz I am sick

I was brought up in a strict Catholic environment. But even as a young lad I was already challenging some of the doctrines? Anyway I didn’t sing this yet, but I did try it this morning It was almost comical on the playback… Yesterday I was diagnosed with both a sinus infection and covid. I can see how folks can die from this. Any thoughts on the lyrics would be cool. Otherwise, carry on

I was taught to believe

Is there a God…how can I know Fmaj7 Cmaj7
If there is one….why doesn’t he show Fmaj7 Cmaj7
Is there really fire down below G C

No one’s ever come back… from the other side Am Em F C
I’m not sure… where I’ll go …on the day I die F C G
This question’s been forever… so where’s my path ahead
Do I sail into the clouds …or will I just be dead F C G……C

I was taught… to believe…in an ancient old creed G
From this century’s old tale…would be everything I need F
I had doubts… kept inside… that i knew I’d have to hide…they said G
in this world you will succeed…if you believe F G Am………

Is there a hell …the good book does say Fmaj7 Cmaj7
Why would god do that…just to make me pray Fmaj7 Cmaj7
Follow my parents or just go my own way G C

I just need a sign…for me to believe Am Em F C
Maybe just a whisper in the wind F C G
A happening… and I will change doubtfulness will leave Am Em F C
My fleeting thoughts I truly will rescind F G C

I was taught to believe in an ancient old creed G
from this century’s old tale would be everything I need F
I had doubts…kept inside…that i knew I’d have to hide… they said G
in this world you will succeed…if you believe F G Am………

Hi Paul :slight_smile: did you remove the track again?? :innocent:
Chord Structure looks pretty good though. I am playing it in my head! has a slight november rain kind of feel to it :beerbanger:

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??? Went to listen and it’s gone haha.

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Hi Paul, My covid went into a sinus infection and then it became pneumonia so be very careful. If you feel a pain in either one of your ribs go get an x-ray to see if there is fluid in there. I hope you feel better soon.

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My lungs are in pretty bad shape with a lot of scar tissue from previous pneumonia’s.
I am a giving person so I gave covid to my wife . She was thrilled.
My oldest daughter (50) got it a week before she joined us at our winter home in Texas for Christmas.
We made a rap song that I will put on the forum soon for suggestions. ha ha
Stay healthy friend
sincerely Paul