Bash this video?

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is managing well with they whole new stay at home situation. I, like most, am finding myself going batty. Yesterday I punched out a minute long video to keep my mind on something else other than the news. I did the all the sounds myself (except for the birds and crickets, they were downloaded :laughing:) I am going to be doing a series of videos with this project and I would love input on anything that anyone thinks would make it more professional and just …better. :grinning:

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Sounds good on my end. I would love to buy an abandoned church for musical purposes.

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Thanks bro. If you do buy one, get one off a main road with trucks going back and forth constantly. No amount of sound proofing can kill the hum of a down shift. :hear_no_evil:

Looks good to me and the narration is really good too.
There might be a touch of sibilance on the voice…I’m not sure if it’s just my ears though. Maybe I’m searching to hard, for something to critique.

I listened through my AKG K77 headphones.

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Thanks Wick, I just found a video addressing it. I think I need to work on that and I also think I my condenser mic is probably not helping either.


Hi there, nice job on the video! Good vibes.
I am not sure if all the footage was recorded or if it has some stock footage in it as well. First things that I noticed was that the video was not 1080p on youtube, it usually signals an encoding problem. I assume video was recorded in HD. That would be the first thing to tackle for a professional quality video. I also noticed changes in aspect ratios in certain parts. The cut scenes were a bit too fast and drastic for the dialog and music. Could use a bit of colorgrading in certain parts. There are some free LUTs available for documentaries that could instantly benefit.

Overall the video is great and gets the point across.

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Thanks so much, that is exactly what I was looking to hear. :slightly_smiling_face:

So I guess there will be other video’s to continue the story? It’s kind of incomplete as is, just wondering.

There are often logical reasons to work without a permit. I used to do that until I made some serious construction errors that would have hopefully been caught by a competent inspector. Just saying.

Yes, there are more videos to come, hence the needing the input. As for permits, you can get one here, but they don’t have inspections here in my town anyway, there is not building inspector. I have been building for my whole life and have not had any issues to date. I think the inspector helps when you are homeowner doing a DIY project, but a building inspector is not there to catch errors, his job is mainly to make sure it is up to code. If someone is not sure of code, they probably should not be doing the work themselves, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

That’s an expensive lesson to learn. :frowning:

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Yes, but the upside is I mostly record in the evening or late at night. Less trucks go through here at that time. I read somewhere that a Bryan Adams song has a train sound in the background and they left the sound in there. So I may not be alone in my plight.

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Well that’s true here too, but our code spells out safe practices. I know safe practices but if I miss something it is good to have somebody double checking. Many here resent the intrusion and fees or maybe they are cutting corners. But here it often comes back to haunt them on a resale or when they want to do further large construction where they can’t avoid a permit.

And certainly some jurisdictions and inspectors are overbearing, expensive and obnoxious. Sorry to hijack your thread and I’m not arguing the point, there are clearly two sides to this issue.

I hear what you are saying, but I kind of think this site and the Bash section is about critiquing songs, and in this case, a video, not what the song or video is about. It would be like someone posting a song, and the lyrics are about drinking, and a person posts about how they really don’t believe anyone should be drinking because of their own feelings on drinking. I am not breaking any laws by building a small building, under the size for a permit. My concern is producing a good quality sound for the video and I love the feedback that I have received, it was exactly what I needed to hear. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on everyone right now and certainly on myself as well. I think we all just need to hear something good and positive.

Thanks so much for the feedback, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to help me.

Being stuck in my home now for 3 weeks, I am going crazy, so I rushed this to get a distraction from the world. I can see it when I watch the video back, I can see my rushingness. There are two photographs that I posted to the video, and that is why there is black on the sides of some shots. The rest is video I took with my phone. I did make the video in 1080 so i will have to figure out how to get that straight. The choppy fast cuts were something that bothered me, I was trying to fit too much into a minute video for instagram. I think the next video will be 2 or 3 minutes because there is just not enough time to say it all in one minute. And I just found a good LUTs free, you are such a great help with that. Thank you again.

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I have read that YouTube and some other online streaming services (i.e. Netflix) are throttling their bandwidth due to increased use from people staying at home and entertaining themselves. There was a fear that it would “break the internet”. I have no idea if that would manifest in them downgrading the available video quality options, but it came to mind. I can’t recall for sure, but it seems like YT was suspending HD quality in some cases.

It looks like I learned something too, I didn’t know what a LUT was. :nerd_face:

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Very interesting.

is it on new uploads? all older HD and 4k Videos seem to be just fine. usually its an encoding issue if video is recorded in 1080 but youtube shows 720 max. What codec?

I was just speculating on some things I read about tech companies throttling bandwidth. This might explain it a bit better:

Tech companies are aiming to prevent internet congestion during the Covid-19 pandemic by limiting bandwidth for applications like consumer video and game downloads.

YouTube typically adjusts the quality of your video based on the speed of your connection. If you have a high-speed connection, it should by default give you a high-definition video stream. Lower-speed connections are served standard definition video. But soon, YouTube will default to streaming at standard definition. You’ll still be able to watch videos in high-def, but you’ll need to increase the resolution manually.


I have noticed problems with playing embedded YT videos almost everywhere, including here on IRD. I have to find a way to open them directly on the YT channel. I don’t know if that’s related or if it’s something to do with my particular setup. Even the YT channel itself can be slow responding to opening and starting videos. Playback/streaming seems okay on a good broadband and wireless connection.

Nice teaser video - keen to learn more about this project…


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