Bash this Tutorial - round 2

ok, after the last tutorial bashing, I took some of the feedback and applied it to this one.

Here’s a list of the things that I think I made a conscious effort to improve.

  • Less mechanical sounding? I hope so. I figured out that if I talk a lot louder and move my hands all over the place, I sound a lot more natural. At least, I think it does.
  • Less ugly looking background. I think I like the look of the DAW grayed out to give the plugin a bit more focus.
  • More visual cues.
  • Move quicker through bypassed examples.

Any feedback on the presentation is helpful.

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Right off the bat it is better. I am way more engaged so that is good.

Yep, this makes clear sense to me and your vocal is engaging with enough quirk to keep it a little edgy… I like the ending script :smile:
Nice clear highlighting on the knobs… my only query is about the mouse movement on the screen at the very beginning… it just does a little mouse-dance that caught my eye and didn’t seem necessary… haha… that’s a teeny thing though… I liked the screen layout and the pretty lights and you sound quite friendly, warm and interesting.

Good format, a lot easier to understand the use and effectiveness of the plug. 1. Here’s the problem we need to solve. 2. Here’s the plug that solves it, with a demo. 3. You heard it, (thereby implying you should buy it if it solves a problem for you).
A lot more concise, great job.

ok, good. Maybe I should keep that 3 step process in mind, because the hard part is always keeping it on task. If I just keep it to one problem and one solution for each video, I think that will keep things simple.

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I was just going to +1 Styles’ response.

A couple of things to add:

  1. You skipped over the Threshold and Resonance knobs. I can figure out what they do, but it would be nice to see you use them in a “walkthrough” tutorial.
  2. I thought the drum loop sounded pretty good to start with. In the interest of “solving a problem”, maybe maybe start with a crappy one so you can more drastically improve on it. (?)

This is a good one! You’re definitely on the right track.

Another thought, but maybe it would be fun to do a series of “unusual” or “outside the box” uses of your plugins? Maybe some quirky thing you’ve done or that a user has told you about? No idea what, but maybe like using Little Foot on a guitar harmonic or a vocal or something strange? Just thinking out loud really…

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Exactly. As @miked is suggesting below, if there other uses for the plug, use your first video to keep it simple and garner some interest, and throw in something about “if you’d like to see more tips and tricks about Little Foot, check the link below”. At that point you have them hooked on the product and can get a lot more detailed if you’d like. I like the idea of making the demo very obviously improving the dry sound too, although that becomes more difficult when you can’t control what you are listening on. For instance, on this one, I’m listening on my work computer, and can’t really hear much but the click of the beater, but the format still gets me interested.

This is way better than the last one! I like seeing the DAW in the background. The examples are good, and a good length I think. It was easy for me to follow along and it kinda made me want the plugin. So… I’d call that good!

One bit of wording that stuck out to me though, at the beginning: “…to dial in the low end of your kick.” I’m not sure what “dial in” means actually. It seems like you’re adding low frequencies to the kick. I’d try to say something more descriptive rather than using industry buzz words, haha.

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Yes, sounding better on this one. There’s a musicality and a playfulness in your voice. Moving your hands probably helps you be more ‘animated’ which comes through in the vocal tone.

When you tweak the controls, is it possible to zoom the video in momentarily, then back out? Or zoom in and stay there for awhile if that works better … since the DAW is grayed out we don’t really need to focus on that anyway (but it helps for context in the beginning).

I say script the ending a little bit. Some kind of “call to action” or “hope you enjoyed this and have a great day” or something along those lines. It was all great up to that point, then it nosedived. :exploding_head: You could have a trademark ‘outro’ for these videos which you know you will segue to, and that might help with the transition. One of your orchestral compositions or something, just a short snappy snippet.

It’s possible, but Reaper’s video editing is pretty clunky, and I don’t think zooming is very smooth. So my options would be

  1. Zoom in Reaper and have it not look that good.
  2. Use a different video editor, which would slow down my workflow a ton.

So in the name of speed and efficiency, I’ll probably not bother with the zooming (also, I have some personal bias in that in most tutorials I see, I find the zooming more annoying than helpful, so unless I can find a zero cost way to do it, I probably won’t even try)

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No worries. I guess I was thinking it could be done during the “video screenshot recording” phase (though I know nearly nothing about that aspect). When the video is Full Screen the controls are clear and very visible. I was just thinking it would be cool if Full Screen weren’t absolutely necessary to see details (for my old eyes at least). You may have mentioned before whichever video screenshot recording software you use, but I don’t recall. Do you mind revealing what you use?

Looks and sounds good, Boz… Plus one here for a more confident & memorable sign-off.