Bash this track please (trad metal)

Bash this track please (trad metal)
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Super fun track! Definitely brings me right back to my roots! Really dug the mix, here’s a couple of things I noticed… but before all that the disclaimer: listening on headphones blah blah blah grain of salt blah blah blah…

  • I would have liked to hear more of the bass guitar… the low end is solid (although I think in some sections you may have a bit of a low-end buildup) but I like to hear something a bit higher up to help it poke out a bit, like a bit of distortion on the upper-mids or just boosting a frequency to help distinguish it from the guitars a bit. That being said, that’s a personal preference and maybe more of a “modern” thing.
  • The leads are great, but maybe stick out a bit too much for me. They should definitely be sitting at the top of the mix but I felt like they hovered above it a bit.

Besides my nit-picky bs, it was a really enjoyable listen… thanks for sharing!


Thank you for checking it out.

Incidentally the band complained they were’t loud enough :slight_smile:
BTW, band feels the bassist is a bit subpar in comparison so they actually though bass was too much on this one.