Bash this track please (trad metal)

Bash this track please (trad metal)



Super fun track! Definitely brings me right back to my roots! Really dug the mix, here’s a couple of things I noticed… but before all that the disclaimer: listening on headphones blah blah blah grain of salt blah blah blah…

  • I would have liked to hear more of the bass guitar… the low end is solid (although I think in some sections you may have a bit of a low-end buildup) but I like to hear something a bit higher up to help it poke out a bit, like a bit of distortion on the upper-mids or just boosting a frequency to help distinguish it from the guitars a bit. That being said, that’s a personal preference and maybe more of a “modern” thing.
  • The leads are great, but maybe stick out a bit too much for me. They should definitely be sitting at the top of the mix but I felt like they hovered above it a bit.

Besides my nit-picky bs, it was a really enjoyable listen… thanks for sharing!


Thank you for checking it out.

Incidentally the band complained they were’t loud enough :slight_smile:
BTW, band feels the bassist is a bit subpar in comparison so they actually though bass was too much on this one.


Sounds pretty good! The only thing I might say is the hi-hat seems to cut in aggressively in places more than other things. It might just be my speaker setup. Love the tune! Good Job!


EP is coming out tomorrow, this song is called “Not of This Earth” here listed as #1


hi Great sound. From 8 to 11 seconds the vibe went from bad ass to somewhat friendly. ha ha a little later in the intro the same. Nice guitar work there tho. Didn’t read the others, but the bass was a little low for my taste and in some places the vocal was a little too much out front.
Very enjoyable fun song man. I winter just south of Houston and would enjoy hearing you guys some time (although I am very old)



Thanks Paul, we’re on Reverbnation in case you want to follow shows:


I don’t think I linked the finished, mastered track of this song.
Here it is: