Bash this song off my album!

I’ve just finished making all the songs for my new album, but I want to make sure the mixing and mastering is nearly perfect before I release the album. What do you guys think of this mix? Is the snare too loud? Is my kick too clicky? Should the guitars have more presence? Lmk what you think! :smile:

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I’m listening on my iPad so I can only speak about what I’m hearing through this device.

The mix sounds good to me. The snare is quite loud but I don’t dislike that. Loud snare drums in this style of music doesn’t seem inappropriate.

Those bass strings sound pretty loose when the bass is highlighted in that particular section. That’s neither a negative or positive, just something I observed.

I really don’t hear anything that bothers me here but I’ll give it another listen on a better playback device when I have a chance. You’ve done a very good job with this. :+1::+1:

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Thank you so much! Yeah I’m using a regular 4 string bass with the original strings in Drop A so they might be a bit flappy. Glad to hear what you think!

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man this is so good and I don’t even know why. It’s like some kinda war goin on and I can’t figure out who is winning. I am 72 and this is way out there for me but I am fully entertained. Love what just happened at around 1:51 Love that bass tone at the break. great stuff…rock on

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This sounds good to go to me.

At first I thought the kick was a bit too loud, but then I did some comparisons with the instrumental metal playlist on Spotify (roughly volume matched, as well as comparing things on a system wide frequency analyser) and it’s hitting very close in terms of overall sound.

Stuff like Scale the Summit and Plini have quieter drums, but Animals as Leaders is very close to your mix in terms of drums prominence.

About the only thing I would suggest is to just maybe do a car check on those bass drops to make sure they are reasonably under control in the “wild”.

Nice work!

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Hey, typing as I listen and have not read anything else yet. Listening on my good headphones, not monitors.

What a cool intro. Loving the tones overall. Nothing wrong with the levels or snare as you asked in my opinion. It’s nice to hear a different sounding snare in this style of production. Normally they are a lot thinner and crackier but this is meaty as and I like it!

i can’t put my finger on it but the stop/change at 30 seconds isn’t as impacting or dramatic as it could be. It isn’t bad, it’s just either missing something or something is off balance wise to me. At a guess, the strings crescendo could be a little more prominent and perhaps cut some lower frequencies (not that there are a lot there with this style of sound) in the 30 seconds before and bring them out fuller post.

Having said all that, it isn’t flat or stale by any means and I listen to that section a good dozen times and each time I found it more difficult to identify what I thought I wanted to hear!
The production is fantastic and I liked the arrangement too, kept me interested the whole way through.
I also really appreciated the lack of “see how many notes we can play in a second” style solos and guitar. Made for more melodic and engaging listening! Nice job. Let us know when it’s all done and released, I’d be keen!

Hahah thanks! Yeah that section with strings is kinda meant to throw you off, wanting more.

And about the solo, yeah it’s mainly not superspeed showoff type cause I legit can’t play very well haha. I just barely have enough technical skill to do stuff like this. I couldn’t shred if I tried LOL.

The whole album is out on youtube and some stores, except spotify, they take a WHILE so it should be on then on the 17th. Thanks for listening tho! means alot!

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Bandcamp at all? I mean, I’m happy to listen on other things, but bandcamp is my go to place. Just curious.

Maybe post a few links and the like here or in another thread when it’s all out - it’s worth celebrating and promoting to like minded folk!

Yes it is on bandcamp! Since spotify is kinda dumb and takes a while to fully release (Oct 17), once it’s out there i’ll put all the links in another thread :slight_smile:

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Cool. I may have missed it but I can’t see a name or link or anything. or is that coming a little later?

I havent posted it yet! I’ll do it now though since my album comes out tomorrow on spotify.
All my socials can be found here!:

I’m a bit extremely late on this, but my music is out on spotify and bandcamp!