Bash this rock vocal demo

added vocals to my jam and worked a couple hours on the mix lol. Im aware I probably went a bit overboard on vocal reverb. I need to learn how to sidechain etc

vox done on cheap headset.

needs a solo etc

I worked somewhat hard trying to get separation in the mix between kick, bass, gtr, vox etc. let me know how it sounds…for instance it should be better than the mix on the earlier jam demo

1 demo down, 24 to go for my goal this year lol

Bash the vox, song, mix etc

original jam demo from the other day

Now you gotta live in chains, scr vox mix 1

I’m only listening on cheap speakers, but it’s sounding good… When I heard the instrumental, I was wondering what type of vocal might fit on it, and now it makes sense.

I like the hook line - I can imagine some high background vocal harmonies answering the hook by repeating “Live In Chains” a couple of times to reinforce it.

One thing I’d suggest is to maybe try changing up the prechorus singing for longer, more draw-out melodic phrases to differentiate it better from the feel of the verse.

Nice work so far!

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lemme know about the mix separation etc when u get to some good speakers

the vocals…man, I gotta get my stuff together. for these demos i like to TRY to sing while sitting in bed with my headset mic but its just not the same lol. no support and messed up chest elevation…crook in the neck. These notes like g4-a4 should have been cake for me but i was struggling lol

yeah, for sure needs harmonies/solos etc

Thanks, JJ

I think the Vox are pretty good, but there’s a attack/release dynamic that could be headset related. It’s the “envelope” that’s the issue IMO, not the vocals.

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