Bash this rock chorus hook etc

working on writing those hooks lol. So this is pretty much just a scratch everything but id still like some feedback on what I have so far.

Mixed on headphones as thats pretty much all I have ATM

mix 3. Turned drums way up. Kick up more. Guitar way down and vox down some. Took off some compression from drums. Added some transient to kick and bass

Mix 4. Re Eq’ed some stuff reverb and ambience down a little more. Gtrs down a tiny bit more

Drums and bass only, since basically everyone is saying the drums suck. This is a new kit for me, the ‘Alt Rock’ kit from Ez Drummer. Does the kit still suck even by itself?

Mix#5 this is about the best my ears can hear at this point. More or less chasing my tail

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This feels more like something that builds tension to me, rather than a hook. Like we’re still heading towards the hook.


Hi Jon Jon It’s been raining every day for sooo long, I wish I could feel the sun shining on me. The chords after the singing sound very foreigner??? I guess I would have to hear the verse first to see it that did in fact represent a good chorus??
As it stands right now, It almost sounded like maybe a bridge or a hesitation like feel…if you get me? It isn’t driving like many chorus parts are? Well, that’s my penny’s worth. Put it all together for us please




I listened to it 3 times to try to get a feel for it before making this comment. After the third listen it dawned on me that it felt like a pre-chorus. Looks like Cristina and Paul have similar thoughts.

I think this could be built into something good. Keep plugging away!

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What are we bashing, the composition or the recording?

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well the composition aspect has already been destroyed so we may as well bash the recording now

Mixwise things are very “spongy” sounding, without much articulation in the transient sounds, like the snare and the kick drum. This is often a result of having compressors set with too fast attack times, which kills transients.

EQ wise, there is a lot of muddiness in the bass/kick drum area. The low end is lacking the tightness needed for music like this. Usually this is caused by an overlapping of frequencies in the low and low-mid area, from around 60hz right up to 300hz. Sometimes, the best remedy for this is too create complimentary eq for the kick and bass - for example, scoop out the bass where you want to boost some kick drum lows (say 60hz), and scoop out the kick drum where you want the bass to be fuller (say 80/90hz). Those are not gospel, just examples btw, as the specific frequencies depend on many things, not the least being the actual tones being used and even the key of the song.

This article has a good primer on this type of technique:

The mids of the guitars and vocals sound reasonable, so I would venture that the biggest hurdle you face mixing on your headphones at present is accurately hearing the low end. This is a common problem with headphone mixing. That said, it’s certainly not impossible to overcome, as I’ve heard many excellent mixes done on headphones.

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I think clyp is doing something to the audio.

Suggest you upload again via the forum’s native system.

I was tripping when I uploaded it and was looking for the upload link on the BOTTOM of the screen, No wonder I couldnt find it, hehe.

yeah, Clyp is a compromise because im putting and mp3 into it and its putting an mp3 out…so I assume its just double compressed/lossy etc

any particular band/track/album you like for reference for similar styles?

It always changes depending on the particular song… I often use more than one reference to get a good “average”. For hard-ish rock styles, I’m pretty partial to this track by The Baby Animals from '91. It was produced/mixed by Mike Chapman, engineered/mixed by Kevin Shirley, and recorded at Bearsville Studios NY. The Youtube sound quality sucks, but I have the album.

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how good can this get with EZ Drummer 2 and D.I. bass?? Im assuming the EZ Drummer should be excellent and I have a lot of different kits for it. My only worry is how good can I get the D.I. bass to sound?

You should expect to get great sound from DI bass. @ColdRoomStudio has done a few detailed writeups on dealing with bass that would be a great place to start. Did those survive the migration from RR?


mix 2

any better?

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It’s hard to tell that there is a kick drum in there. The drums are slightly quiet in general, but that kick is nowhere to be heard. The guitars are quite loud. Actually, everything is loud except for the drums.

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None of it survived… But I outlined what I did with a DI bass on a recent mix here:

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in that case I give up completely lol

mix #3

Hip Hop remix. All drums, nothing else. This is like when the son of a famous drummer starts a band. Guitar player just got hired and probably get fired next week so he doesnt get any mix

this might be a nice reference track for me.

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not that im disagreeing, because I think you are 100% correct.

That being said, what do u think of this pro mix?? drums totally buried. guitars super loud