Bash this please I am going to put an album together and was thinking of starting with this one

Bash this please I am going to put an album together and was thinking of starting with this one

This dude is in love with his best buddies girlfriend. Would love your two cents if you have a few minutes. The song is called I could love you better than him. I put some stank on the bass :slight_smile:



I’d like to hear the instruments a little more clearly. The vocals are just a bit too much in your face and take up a good deal of real estate. This is just my 2 cents which may not coincide with your vision.

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Yeah man go for it. It will be fun. As far as this one there is some mud still there, i think coming from the guitars. maybe a little of that stank is clouding up things some. Yeah lets get the party started.

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Hi ocnor I bet I can cut that lead vox if I get some of the other mud out of there. Thanks for your take on my track. Very helpful



Hi Eric
I always mess with the original guitar tracks with EQ and as soon as I lower some of the 2-400 freq, it starts sounding shallow. The voc projects better tho. Going to have to come up with a balance of sorts. The party has begun. And when all that money pours in, I will throw that party. ha ha

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Reminds me of the “Mutt” Lange/Shania Twain story. :unamused:

Cool song Paul! I think it has a lot of potential, working with the production elements per other comments. The bridge (?) at 1:43 really grabbed me, though I think your mix is rather ‘level’ and I’d like that part to really grab me at the change; rather than flat plains, give me valleys and mountains. :wink: I see that part as a kind of “catharsis”, more dramatic and even a touch dark, so some cinematic treatment could benefit it.

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Great thought on the bridge Stan. I had to play it for myself again to get what you are talking about. I have some ideas that I will try tomorrow. Little things can make a huge difference at this point, so thanks your your thoughts. Now, back at it:)



An album eh?? Yip yip!! :sunglasses:
Cool song Paul and some really nice elements in it, could be a great album opener!

You’ve asked for a bash so will put my thinking cap on …
I’m playing it through my infinity speakers and hearing quite a bit of ‘slush’ in the high frequencies jostling for position which is giving some sibilance - particularly when the cymbals chime in…
Playing with the eqs and cymbal bleed could give some more definition to the individual instruments mebbe?? Love the harmonies, you have done some cool stuff there, tasty bassline cruising through. I wondered about just giving a touch more definition to the chorus in the production with a little more space in the mix just before it starts or some such thing???
Not sure how much you are wanting to play around with this??



Hi Emma I guess the most pressing question is did you plant your winter spinach yet??? I woke up thinking of that today.
I use EZdrummer and I did find out you can actually change cymbals, their volume, etc. I will have to look up EQing them cuz I ain’t done that yet. I can’t quite follow you about the definition to the chorus, space etc. It’s ok tho, I am a little slow. And yes, I like playing around and repairing.
Wifey and daughter have me super busy here. Painting the interior of the house is the latest. I hate cutting in. I go back to Michigan in three weeks to my studio. Been a long time without good gear. Thanks for the bash ole friend. Hope the fam is well

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Hi Paul,
yes the garden is a FLURRY of activity… just enjoying the autumn raspberries, end-of-the-grapes and the beginning of the feijoas… yummm. The winter spinach is in and the tomatoes are just finishing :smile:
I’ve been pretty cut up by the shootings, our ‘safe’ haven was invaded and it startled us hugely.
Am nearly finished my two groups of songs for my pretend-albums I’ll hopefully finish in a month or two… soooo much work and so little time, you know that old chorus?

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Hey there, Paul.

Here’s my bash…

I really like the arrangement. Nice balance of different sounding parts. Really like that British-sounding thing you pull off on the chorus at 0:35 and again at 1:26. You do that really well. I’m thinking that’s becoming a signature Feaker sound. Love it.

The drums are nice. I like the vocal harmonies. Clever bridge at 2:00 the way you mixed the vocals. The change-up at 2:17 is also nice. A creative arrangement and it works. To my ears, I personally do like the vocals up front the way you have 'em.

I don’t like the amping of the guitars. They’re too muddy and dirty and it detracts IMHO. (See, I can say that cuz that’s the feedback I keep getting on my arrangements: cleaner guitars!)

So, did you mic the guitars from an amp? Did you use an amp-sim (i.e., can you change the amping?). I think what you’re playing on the guitars also works. I just don’t like the sound.

You clearly put a bit of time on the arrangement and it shows. I think you have a winner here.



This is really good Mr. F That opening bass riff is perfect except it’s very similar to you know what. You sing really well but I think you need some other voices, well unless Neil is still around? Lots of good stuff here but you’re going to have to polish this, there’s a lot going on here and it’s going to need a good mix, just sayin’, but it’s worth the effort I think!



Hi Tesgin Hope you are doing well. This was a nice way to start my day and coffee. ha ha I love when folks tell the honest truth. I have a boss multi function guitar channel thangy. I dial into what ,at the time seems right for the song. I usually dial up something else when I play for the other panned side. Plugins would be the way to go if I knew how to use them. I had an old fender amp that I played in our band with that had the sound I love. Unfortunately the trailer flipped on the way to a gig and broke it and my Gibson Les Paul to pieces and I never replaced them. I think I will buy an amp and start miking the cabinet. I do everything else the old fashioned way anyway. Thanks again



Hi Ingo I was hoping to hear from you. Don’t worry about the Neil thing, it will happen in a few weeks. I know it is sloppy in parts and I don’t have the resources to fix that. I thought if it was well received as a potential on my album, I would find someone to polish it and several more. Yes the bass riff is come together ha ha. It sounded so cool when I was messin with it, I ran with it, I think I might have selected “fuzz tone” ha ha Great to hear from you. Thanks again



There’s a dramatic development here, @feaker, that kind of sneaks up on you. At first I was thinking it was going to be a much simpler, lighter song, but then it got serious!

Personally I like the guitars, and I think you did a superlative job singing on this one. Very tight and confident.

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