Bash this make over of a greek rock song

Hi guys,

Some friends of mine were a national hit some years ago.
They splitted up but now they’re considering a reunion for a bunch of concerts.
The guitarist is a close friend and asked me if I could remake the songs adding them some more modern vibe.
This is the first song I am working on.
The idea is basicaly that the band plays live (drums, bass, guitar & vocals) and the rest of the sounds would be from a laptop or something.

Don’t pay any attention to the vocals. That’s me singing just to have a vocal in.

This is the original track.

And this is the new one.

The new one is a definite improvement! Almost has a modern Pink Floyd feel to it. The drums could use some work, but as far as the overall direction you’re going with it, it’s sounding much better! Good work!

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Cool vibe The intro is very long



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Sounds much better than the original, but the intro is too long!

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Thx for the comments guys.
You are right about the intro.
I did it on purpose because it’s made for a concert where songs could be a bit longer (with solos etc).
Perhaps I could cut a couple of bars though.
Whatever the band likes.

The real drums part will be played by the drummer so I didn’t pay too much attention to them.
What about the more electronic loop?
Do you think it needs something?