Bash this "Let You Love Me" cover

Hello fellow inmates!
Given the time we got I prepared this cover. Looking forward for your suggestions!


This sounds fine on my laptop speakers.

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Sounds great to me as well, heard on headphones and treated room. Noticed slight phase issues in certain parts on careful listening in treated room. Could be caused by the timing, pitch, panning and the reverb on the delays during the chorus. Slightly evident around 0:33 - 0:46 and around 2 min 2:16 marker and some other parts later when the Cymbals come and go.
I would recommend tweaking with the delay to be a bit tighter and the reverb on the delay part a bit drier.

Overall seems like a great production! well done :upside_down_face:

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Hi Michelle!

Thx for taking the time to listen so closely!
Your opinions are always spot on.
I’ll have a look at the points you mentioned and get back to you with a new version.

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Listening on laptop also. Coming along nicely! It feels pretty lead vocal forward on this laptop, but I’ll check it out on the monitors when I can! :slight_smile:
Good work!!!

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Hi, this is a great cover. I have no idea who is the original artist or how close/different it is from the original but it sounds pretty much as good as anything that goes on the radio these days.

If I’m nitpicking, I would say that the vocals have a few minor issues. There is a weird sibilance that is unusually low in frequency (like the vocals have been reduced down to 8 bits or something like this) and I think I heard a few tuning artefacts.

Great job overall.

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