Bash this "full of electric bass" song

Bash this "full of electric bass" song


Hi guys!
Long time no see!

I’ve come back from my summer job a couple of months ago and this is the first song my bassist friend and I are working on.
It’s his composition and I added what I could on chords structure, keyboards and mixing.

I can’t say that it’s over yet but I thought I’d get a bashing before I go on!



Listening on the iPad. This is an interesting song.


really nice groove and sound. I find it too long for my taste but other than that no complaints.


I agree with both of these guys. Good tune, but it could use some other elements to break things up and maintain interest. It sort of reminds me of Abraham Laboriel.


Thx first your input guys.
I agree too that it’s too long and you could lose interest along the way.
There are parts to be added like another bass melody on the dropout halfway through the song.
Also, if I manage to persuade my friend, we could cut some parts off to make it easier to listen to.
But it’s good to know that we are on a good path!


Lovin’ this! Sounds great to me. I think it would make a great little movie soundtrack piece. If it were me, I’d make the drums less “roomy” - they sound a little too “Ezy Drummer-ish” to me, but that’s probably just a personal taste thing - nice!


Always appreciate your feedback Andrew!
Hey it’s your nameday today! In Greece anyway…
Best wishes!
When you say “less roomy” do you mean like turn down the drum room track a bit or turn down some certain frequencies?


Hey, very interesting song here. Mixing-wise is pretty spot on and I found all arrangement additions in purpose.

I also found that it’s way too long and it lacks of several breaks or variations to keep the listener interested (some parts sound as copy-and-paste things).
I would also build the song as there are some interactions with the band: for now, it sounds definitively as bass player thing :slight_smile:

Great tune by the way!


Could be either. Sometimes just pulling a bit of high end out of the room mics can do the trick of maintaining whatever fatness they might be adding, while still making the roominess less obvious in the sound.


Cool sound. Seems like it is telling me a story without uttering a word. Like the little stank you put on at the one minute mark. Like to hear a whole different drum sound in a few places without any business kinda like at 2:37 ??? I think this is good with a couple minutes as a standalone, or use the intro for the start of a lyric type sound. I didn’t make much sense did I? ha ha