Bash this... experimental WIP!

Hey everyone! Haven’t been on this forum in SO long, but I’m back with a WIP I need some critiques on!

I made this yesterday when I had this addictive 7/8 rhythm stuck in my head, so i decided to put it to work and make something out of it. I recorded all the guitar myself, and I’m quite proud of the mix. Now I’m ready for some feedback!

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Great, don’t stop there!

Are you looking at it as a theme song, cinematic soundtrack, or standalone instrumental? The guitar parts do give it a cool vibe, I also liked when the bass/kick came in, and the agogo (?) percussion at the end. It’s fun to listen to, though fairly repetitive, which may work okay for the theme song or cinematic. For a standalone instrumental I think it could change up sections faster to keep interest, or add fills/solos, especially if you intend to make it longer time-wise.

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Thanks for responding! Yeah I’m at this weird phase where I am basically writing soundtracks but with no scenes to pair them with. I also don’t do vocals so it can be difficult to keep my songs very engaging.

The “agogo” is just these random obscure sounds i found made into a rhythmic loop LOL

Thanks for the advice though! I’ll definitely try to find a way to keep it more engaging and flow better.

If you’re wanting to market the music, I think there are ways to get instrumental and background tracks into commercial sound libraries, like for YouTube videos, other sound productions, etc. Or pitched to music supervisors for TV and movies. That’s a whole other topic of course, but in those cases they may just use a portion of the song or soundtrack, if it fits the scene they are working with. So it may not be an issue, and I’d guess they don’t necessarily want vocals either when it’s that type of usage.

My 1st impression was this absolutely and unequivocally needs vocals and that done with the right vocalist and lyric would be ever so exceptionally dramatic and that I was hoping the lyrics would come to me as I listened because, musically, this is great but a lil short for a typical 3 minute or so long story. Then at some point I could hear this track as is, being played in a James Bond film, so, yeah…

There are opportunities of this nature on Songtradr, which is a site I use. I also heard of Compigram, which I know nothing of other then it curates for compilation album deals. I would be interested what the more experienced might suggest however.

I was actually mentally engaged with it all the way through… I don’t know any of anything else you’ve constructed so I will have to leave it there for now.

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Very nice tempo, I am envisioning a chase scene with very acrobatic actions.
Lovely cinematic and dramatic action music.
Well done.

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What vocal style do you think would fit here? Because I have no idea. I have at least 1 person who would probably be willing to do vocals on it.

Taking another listen… coming out strong with that first stab in the beginning and continuing with power but changing with the music and going to extremes. For me it isn’t a “soft” nor “hard” hitter but a consistently versatile vocalist that’d make the drama I mentioned remarkable.

Honestly, when these impressions I get come about, it is usually I in my head belting it out, but, this time, no lyrics were formulating, only the intense feeling that it needed some.