Bash this cover of Fastball - The Way

Hi everybody!
First recording attempt after the summer season.
Getting reaquainted with all that again after 6 months.

Looking forward for your constructive critisism! :relieved:


I’m listening on my laptop, so I can say much about the mix other than it translates well :+1:
Also, you have a killer voice! Great job! I’d love to hear more of your stuff.

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wow You have a smooth soft voice guy. I’m two minutes in and can’t find anything to pick at. I hear keys?
Is the acoustic mic’d? Sounds just a touch muddy in a few spots. Might be my ears. Any verb on the cool harmony? Not sure if I like it so pronounced in one ear?? Your vox softness at around 1:04 was special to say the least :slight_smile:
Gotta check this out later on speakers. congrats

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Thx a lot Holster!

Yes, there’s a soft hammond coming in on the 2nd verse

Vox and acoustic was recorded together with one mic. You might be right about the mudness. Have to find the right spot so that the guitar is not muddy and the vox are not thin I guess…

There is verb. One short, one long. I could try bringing it more to the center. Good comments Feaker, thx a lot!

Great job with this tune @ManAbyss ; it was always one of my favorites. I like your laid back arrangement that takes advantage or your richer vocal tones than the original had. I do miss the rock energy of the original though. I’m hearing something at 0:47 kind of distortion like? My hearing is not good.

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You are right!
I’ll try to adress that if possible!
Thx @ingolee

I miss the rock vibe as well but I just tried to do it a litle different. I like doing slow covers of upbeat songs :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey George! Good to hear from you again…

Ahh… I know this song well - our band used to cover it. An excellent “one-hit-wonder”. Nice gentle version!

I’m just listening on my cruddy work speakers, but as @ingolee points out, I’m hearing distortion - quite a bit of it, actually - sounds like the lead vocals are triggering it. Sort that out and you should be golden :+1:

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Hi ManAbyss,
Love your vocals, and the pitch is perfect.
I love the fact that your vocals is front and center.
The guitar is perfectly laid, and lovely playing.
I love this acoustic version!!!
Love to hear more from you!!!
Thank you!

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I think that’s printed in the recording after all…
I only meant to do that quick ‘n’ dirty and didn’t pay much attention so I got it a bit too hot guess.

But then I quite liked my performance :smile:

So, I guess it is what it is now…

@ReneAsologuitar Thanks for your kind words!

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Hi George! excellent work here and good to see you around. First time I had a chance to hear this. It is sounding great as is. Could run some vocal parts through the tuner or cut some high air as it is coming across pitchy in some parts. That is likely making the vox distortion more energetic than it is. I liked the recording and the performance. It had a live vibe, so you could leave it as is, upto you!

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would love to hear your rendition of this! I can somehow envision it.
Maybe you and George can collab :innocent:

Hi Michelle,
It’s good to be here again!
I’m glad you like it.
I am aware of the pitch issues but vox & guitar were recorded with one mic so I can’t fix the pitch either :joy:
As I explained to Andrew, it was all done quickly. I just wanted to experiment and get back on track.
Hell, I didn’t even use a metronome. First time I did that.
I will try cutting the highs a bit though :heart:

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