Bash this Chorus

Don’t bash my mix, it is not mixed, but what can you tell me about
an idea we had with a friend. The whole stuff is weak, but i love
the chorus…

Sounds great so far! I wish I could hear what the melody of the vocal would be like. That would tell us quite a bit more. There is potential that the melody could be a bit repetitive, or not. Either way, the instrumentation is sounding really cool. I think you’re on to something! :thumbsup:

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Almost has a Maroon 5 feel to it!



It sounds promising for sure…Now, it can go in so much direction…let us hear the outcome!


It really could be fun I think.
It needs one lead vocal, maybe some background vocals as well. Some keyboard chords could also bring it to a nice pop song, I don’t know if you wish to :confused:

It sounds great by the way!

still in progress

This sounds nice, but without context, it doesn’t sound/feel like a chorus, I thought it was the verse part and was waiting for the chorus part to kick in. Its very good, you should definitely keep working on it.

It is going to be a song. Still in progress

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Although it’s hard to judge out of context, I would say the guitars have nice chime and jangle, and are played in tune and mixed properly. The cool thing beyond that is you can hear any number of melodies over the top of it, so you’ve got a good backdrop to work with. It will be interesting to listen to it unfold.

Now i’m looking for a singer, female vocals will probably sit better than mine.
Bash it baby !

Well, I can now tell where the chorus will be. Why don’t you just experiment with a melody line. Do you have a story to tell? I like the start of this for sure. just hard to comment in depth. go luck to you



Do you have some lyrics for it ? I’m always willing to give it a few try’s singing it for ya :slight_smile:

Can go relatively high, wich might suit it well.

Strangly not able to write a line on it …

Only able to tweak again…

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thank you DeRebel and sorry for the silence

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