Bash these scratch demo ideas

Another follow up on our song creation talks. Here are some ideas to bash.

I had this drum/rhythm track and added a guitar line to show the general vocal melody for the verse/chorus/bridge. Then I added a scratch gtr solo to show where the solo goes

First time thru its just the intro/verse/chorus without the represented vocal melody. The melody comes in on the 2nd verse etc

How does it strike you? is it worth recording for real? (with harmonies etc of course)

How do you all decide if something is worth a crap?? lol

Thanks, JJ

for whatever reason the mps upload didnt work. here is the song

I’m reminded of this book I read a long time ago that I believed shaped much of the way I approach things in life. It’s called The Path of Least Resistance by Robert Frost.

In a way, you’ve got to start at the end. At the goal. When you ask if the song is worth finishing, I ask myself, “well, what’s the point of the song?” Musical tastes are diverse. One person may hate a song that someone else loves to pieces. No one can tell you if a song is worthwhile or not, without context.

Do you like it? Do you want to finish it? What’s the song about? Do you have a vision for what it will be, once it’s completed, and does that vision compel you to finish it? I work based on my vision for the finished piece. The vision may change throughout the process, but it’s always there in my head, compelling me to work towards it.

This particular song seems okay to me. It didn’t make me go, “wow,” but it’s pleasant to listen to. I’m not really sure where it’s going so it’s hard to comment.

Well there are many types of songs. If you think back to the old days of “albums” you might have 10 different vibes on those 10 songs

if I were able to hear the whole process in my head and translate that 100% into reality…then we wouldnt be hear talking now

And yeah, I agree. This is probably a useless gesture (to ask for feedback). 99% of people wont like something unless its a hit on the radio. That being said, I cant stand anything on the radio and I have no interest in dance/hip hop music. Anything I do is going to fall under the umbrella of “rock”

I havent found the right approach for writing yet. As ive only been singing since '16, but playing guitar forever.

If I sit with guitar and just improvise melodies along with chords, I can get some great stuff going. BUT the catch there is I have no clue how to lay down stuff with no drums

ie, once I come up with some interesting chords/melody…i have no clue how one would then sift thru ez drummer to attempt to find something that fits.

Hence I have always started with drums…but then it seems hard to add anything really interesting lol

catch 22

Fixed - the file had been uploaded twice, with no space between the two file names.

Drums are usually one of the last things I add to a track. Are you using preset loop type things from EZ Drummer? Maybe you should try writing in the MIDI by hand. That’s what I do. I listen to my song and sort of think of what a good beat would be, then experiment writing in MIDI for drums, (often I start with the kick drum) and work at it until I get something I like. Then I duplicate it a bunch, adding some variations here and there, and often change things up for the chorus or other parts of the song. I can see how it would be really hard to find a preset that matches the song you’ve come up with. I’ve never even attempted it.

I just cant in 1 million years see me writing midi by hand lol

life is too complicated as it is. Learning hand midi would be like learning German.

I may try laying down a drum beat first and then improvising to it with gtr and vox simultaneously. Probably have to get a lavalier mic

[quote=“Jon-Jon, post:1, topic:1459”]
How does it strike you? is it worth recording for real? (with harmonies etc of course)[/quote]The melody doesn’t fit the accompanying chords in many places - especially the sequence beginning at 1:16 - well, not diatonically anyway. If you want to keep the melody I suggest finding some better chords to fit it - or if you want to keep the chord sequence, I think there are better notes to find in the melody.

[quote]How do you all decide if something is worth a crap?? lol
[/quote]I record it - all the way, including mastering. I imagine there’s a guy with a gun at my head saying ‘if you don’t make something good out of this I’ll pull the trigger.’ If I didn’t work this way I would probably ditch most stuff that I write. But working this way, I end up liking almost everything I write and record. If I’ve given it my best shot at making it work and I still don’t like it, then it’s officially crap, but that doesn’t happen often.

And…if the song has been recorded, produced and mastered well, there are always others who like it, even if I think it’s shite, which is surprising/annoying/frustrating/gratifying, all at once.

[quote=“AJ113, post:8, topic:1459, full:true”]

Im not going to say this comment is “wrong” but to me its a taste thing. In other words I understand the comment but I (obviously) dont hear anything that doesnt “fit.” This isnt a plain jane set of chords or melody. Without checking I am going to assume that all 12 notes are represented here somewhere lol.

Its got major to minor stuff happening as well as touches of Lydian, Phyrgian etc etc. Rock n Roll has plenty of history of blue notes and similar affectations

your comment there remind some of Yngwies comments on Jeff Beck and Steve Vai. He thought “Cause weve ended as Lovers” was the worst out of tune playing he had ever heard and he wanted to ask Steve “Why dont you just play the correct note for the song??”

Yngwie likes the strict baroque approach and he is one of my faves but I also understand where Jeff and Steve are coming from

A taste thing. I understand where u r coming from with the comment

Very hard to do anything fresh or even interesting by sticking with a pure diatonically “correct” vibe.

The majority of rock/pop is diatonic. ‘Interesting and fresh’ comes from the performances and the presentation.

im aware lol. But u have many bands such as Soundgarden etc who use different chord progressions that arent really diatonic. Same can be said of vocal melodies…plenty of room for interesting resolutions etc etc.

Never mind the Beatles lol. Threw out the rule book as they created it

You asked “How does it strike you?” I’m letting you know how it strikes me. Personally I would avoid it as it stands. Too much dissonance.

yeah, as I said, im not saying you are wrong. I see it as a taste thing

for instance I cant listen to Stravinsky at all, but some people love it

I really dig the opening… then we hit the 0:16 mark and the song that follows seems to be of an entirely different character and it never re-visits that space. Not saying that is good or bad… I was just hoping for more of the vibe set in those first 16 seconds. :slight_smile:

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thats somewhat typical of stuff I write, for better or worse. Also sometimes I tack on an outro that sort of a departure from the rest of the song

sometimes the intro might reappear in the bridge or in an outro

cool tune. the catchy part for me is the 2nd verse with like the middle eastern feel. A killer vocalist would definitely make this song a hit. IMO you should find someone who sings like the Alter Bridge vocalist. (just a thought) :slight_smile: I love where this is going. keep us posted. you definitely need to record this song for real

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well the 2nd verse is the only part where I laid the vocal melody over it lol. That “lead guitar” part is more or less what a singer would be singing.

But yeah, definitely with the sort of weird chords it is going to have that exotic vibe to it

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im honestly itching to hear the full song. nicely done on songwriting. cheers! :slight_smile: i also posted a new thread here on bash and im in need of your help :slight_smile: i hope you have the time :slight_smile: thanks for letting us listen to this cool track

man, dont hold your breath for me to finish a song lol. Its sad lol