Bash the mix

This is a mix I’ve done for another amateur artist :smiley: who has kindly agreed to let me post the song for your critique on the mix

My main goal was to improve upon the artist’s original mix:

So I concentrated on going for a more natural sound and creating more space…

That is definitely a step in the right direction.

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Good work its interesting to listen to ,shame about so much squeak in the acoustics
Im sure with some careful editing and maybe the help of rx 6 you could clean them up a bit more.

You mean fret noise or some harshness/brittleness? Is there an example in the song, just so I can pin point what you are getting at and remember for next time!

String squeak,fret noise.Its basically all the time

i was thinking this mix needs a little more energy so here is one example of how you could get this.

Yeah, I had steered away from parallel compression as I thought it might impinge on the ‘naturalness’. In retrospect I dont know why I thought that.
Since I currently have a MixBuzz compressor on my bench I’ll run the mix through it this evening and post the results.

LOL at that video by the way. First he biased the A/B listening by making the compressed track louder, then he tried to justify it by saying “it is actually really difficult to match the levels since by definition you are adding more audio to the signal” :rofl::joy:
Love it when he explains what post fader means -

Pro tools sends a copy of the audio post the fader down here"

No! Really?!

But anyway, I can see how parallel compression might add a little something so I’ll try it.

yeah i didn’t really watch the whole thing through. I just like the way that andrew schepps uses the compressor and i thought this guy could explain it better in a video than i could in writing. Anyway you get the idea.