Bash the crap out of it

Bash the crap out of it
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I tracked this in a less than ideal space, and have been fighting this mix for a long time, specifically EQing the kick and vocals, and getting the bass to pump without drowning out the mix.

This was recorded in Sonar X1, with an RME RayDAT card, Focusrite interface, Maschine, and Shure SM7B.
Guitars in Guitar Rig 4, instruments using Axiom Pro 61 and Native Instruments.

Been doing a little automation tweaking last night on the Faderport.
Here’s the link to soundcloud.


I tried leaving a comment on sound cloud but I can’t figure out how to have it stick, Just wanted to say the song is intense, listening to it I could feel the pressure behind it - yeah!


Hi I am very old, so it is hard for me to even relate. ha ha I thought your song is good as compared to the other music with this feel I have heard. I played it for my fam because I thought they would help me make a comment until the “F” bomb hit and my wife REACTED. Good luck to you and thanks for listening to my song:)




Oh dude, I’m sorry! Send my apologies for the f bomb :frowning_face:


Much appreciated. My “consumer” speakers right now to hear the final product are a set of tiny USB powered computer speakers, about 1 & 1\2 inch. I’m picking up an old Sony Boombox in a day or two so I can get a better idea of what I did.
It sounds ok through my studio headphones and monitors, but absolutely crap through the computer speakers. Flub city and a ton of low-mid “honk” in the vocals.


Fuck dude. You’re supposed to have an explicit tag! Vulgarian. You inspired by Sublime? I hear a lot of Sublime in this song. Anyways, for the space you had to create it in it’s pretty good. To make the vocals sound like they’re in a bigger space without cluttering the signal, I use Valhalla Room with no predelay, and then turn the depth down really low, around 11%. It gives the vocals a nice spread in certain situations. I personally like the Sulaco setting, but it’s a taste thing. It’d work with any other reverb.


compared to a few commercial it was on the quiet side.
isnt everything supposed to be flat lined ?

the genre isnt my thing but I hear it all the time, im so old Metallica is new and TOOL is waaay new stuff. Nirvanas Nevermind is the last new stuff or Offspring…so ignore this pretty much.

but the volume and clarity could be smashed louder, maybe a Mastering plug.