Bash that unexpected remix (revised)

Bash that unexpected remix (revised)
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Hi !
was going to work on a Splice’s contest, and I was supposed to produce an Electro
Remix of the song Nothing to hide by Terra Naomi :
But decided to jam with my Lp while listening the vocal track. And a weird thing happened.
I spent 8 hours on it !
What do you think ? The production is very (too much ?) dense.
Here it is !


Sounding good. That is a lot of work.



a slight improved (Strings , drums) version :


No disrespect to Terra Naomi, but this approach eats the original alive. It’s like her vocals were made for this style.
My only gripe would be the “contemporary” feel, which seems to almost contradict the beautiful rock vibe laid out with those guitars with the addition of the blatant, almost cheesy strings and synths (as more ambient tracks they would be perfect) .
From where I’m sitting, It needs more teeth. You’ve laid out a real post-punk feel and it would be nice if you follow through with some raw bite from the accompanying music, and let the vocals be the butter, in contrast to some dirty grit.
Really nice stuff Moa all the same, love it.


Really happy to read that from you Terry, I also think that Terra should certainly flip sometimes to the power side. And that’s why I wanted a smooth vibe too. And yes I must admit that I need some decent strings, mine are cheap. The challenge is to adjust the amount of cheese !!!


Wonderful bright dynamic vocal and classy arrangement :slight_smile: