Bash Stay New

Here’s something I got last night from PLAP. The band is Little Empire and the tune is Stay New.
I ditched all the printed fx and samples and just used my own. I tried not to listen to the song ahead of time. But I did watch a video and the tunes was featured.
Anyway… this is what I came up with.

No real automation other than some clip gain stuff and some sidechain compression. I might need to do some automation on the fx as I’m hearing some long delay wash. What do you guys think?
I do wish there were more real BGVs. I used doubles and harmonies to “build” BGVs. But the singer still tends to have the same “voice” in all registers. I’m hearing male falsetto in my head and maybe some gang vox. Oh well… not my song or production. :slight_smile:
Updated mix: Tamed down the gtrs as suggested. I also flew in some S’s into spots where they were over attenuated in the printed comp. Didn’t know if it would work. But I think it did… :slight_smile:


Crazy how good performances can basically mix themselves. Great song and great mix from what I can tell. I’m on a laptop at the moment, so I can’t give a fair bashing other than to tell you that it translated really well on laptop speakers (which actually tells me quite a bit :wink: ). Solid job man!!

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It’s a great sounding mix, overall. There are just a couple of things that I found distracting:
The hard panned e. guitars in the chorus are competing with the vocals. A couple DB lower, or maybe using EQ to scoop out some of the vocal (and BGV) frequencies would help. I also think the that it would be cool if the drums were brought forward in the mix during the sparse section (1:53 - 2:05).
I do like the use of FX to creating progression in the song

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Thanks, Buddy…
I hear you on the gtrs… Guess I was trying to give the 2 gtrs some love against the 12 key tracks and got out of hand.
I sorta intentionally pushed the drums back in the sparse section. Maybe I’ll automate them UP at least for more drama…
Thanks again

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Thanks Holster!

Really good mix Rich! I can’t really find any nits to pick here. Sounds very pro all the way. The one thing I dislike is how heavily auto-tuned the vocals are, I always find that distracting. But like you said, not your production!

Lemme guess… you’ve done this before? :wink: Great work!

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