Bash My (Sp)rect(r)um in!

Bash my (sp)rect®um, thats right.From one of my most darkest tracks(no batteries, i meant lyrics included) to one of my lightest.Or maybe dark to dark, light to light.I guess it depends on your perception and not my intention.
Post any feedback, especially your negative critiques, it fuels me.Or just have a listen and get creeped the fuck out.I’ll leave it up to you, or get your mum to sign a permission slip.Make sure you turn off the lights too.

Dark track, light track? :


Light track, or is it a dark track?


Maybe we will never know!


Ok! Took a listen…

I’m curious, what was your intention with this track?
I think from a soundscape/soundtrack/sonic texture standpoint it’s pretty cool. Moody, with some creepy samples here n’ there. As a music track, in my opinion there isn’t enough to grab my attention and hold it. If it were in a movie soundtrack it would be a great piece to set that kinda mood and vibe for a scene.

Ok as a disclaimer I’m no expert when it comes to electronic music (or anything else for that matter) so take all this with a grain o’ salt. It’s pretty chaotic. Some of the elements feel like they’re fighting with each other… which may be your intention though so I don’t want that to sound like it’s a negative… just an observation. There are some edits that sound like they’re mistakes? 1:25 for example… plus there’s a couple of stop/start edits that don’t seem to flow. I think I can hear some low-end distortion, less the creative kind and more the clipping kind. Some odd timing stuff going on too.
I think overall, for me it sounds a bit disjointed… like it doesn’t flow from start to finish. Again though, that might be your intention… so I’d be interested for this track as well to hear what you were trying to achieve.
I will say though, this track reminds me a lot of Burial, which is a very good thing. Listen to anything off Untrue or Burial and you’ll see how he does a lot of similar stuff, like mashing up synth, vocal samples and beats, but the tracks flow from start to finish which is what keeps me going back and listening.

Thanks for sharing!

Great observations Blair,

Im not sure what my exact intention of the Probe track was, i think i was trying/attempting to see if i could scare myself with low BPM audio sounds.Basically a experiment, as everything i do is.
Your right too, musically it doesn’t really have enough to keep the attention of listeners, its more of a soundtrack(movie, game, etc) as you rightly pointed out.

The second track was apart of a audio contest/competition where you could only use samples found in the database on the website that hosted the event, so the kind of sounds you had access to was very limited, but a good challenge to see if you could make anything interesting/appealing at all to a listener/yourself.I could of did many other kinds of soundtracks, but when i heard a few of the samples i ended up using, i decided that was the sound i should attempt to shape.Alot(basically all of it actually) of your points/observations are absolutely correct and ive heard a few of them from others that have gave feedback on that track.

Ill check out that Untrue and Burial now, ive never heard of them and may learn something.

Thanks for the reply mate!


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Hey, very bold stuff here. It’s really hard to have a definitive opinion on those songs.
But from what I heard, I share the same idea as blairhall1974, it’s really difficult to understand what it suppose to mean…
On other aspect is I found the mixes are really hot and I wish to get more dynamic to tell the listener a story with hills and deeps.

By the way, very not so usual songs you brought here, congrats!

Ok, I am saving this for when the trick or treaters come next. Won’t have to buy so much candy. Liked it for sure.