Bash My Personality

Hi Folks
Here’s my mix of Personality. I won’t be entering the competition as I just joined the forum yesterday and spammed the joint with a bunch of posts. It was not my intent. I just got caught up in the topics… :slight_smile:
Either way… feedback is more important to me than prizes.
Here is my mix… It’s OK. The tracks were good to begin with so no excuses there… :slight_smile:
I did edit the drums quite a bit. But just to get the 2 and 4 tight as I was going to add tambourine and probably track my own drums for fun. But the drums felt fine if not better without the edits .

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Sounding good! I’m on my laptop, so I can’t give it a fair “bashing”, but I will this afternoon.

Also, feel free to enter the competition. Even if you’re not in it to win it, it’s a great way to learn from all the input that you get from each other. You may be surprised.
And I don’t think you were spamming at all. Its super cool to have people jumping right in and enjoying the forum. That’s the whole point :wink:
You’re welcome to ask tons of questions and give your view. It’s a good crowd here!


cool feel. I find that the guitars are slightly underwhelming but the drums and the bass are good and tight. THere is a phasey feel to the vocals that i am not liking but that could just be a personal taste thing.

Thanks for the input redworks
Yeah I hear the gtrs hitting the top of the compression when listening back on this site. The drums are also a little dryer
The vocals are like that on purpose. I have the untuned vocals blended in. I kinda like it :slight_smile:
thanks again for listening

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the snare as too much high end to me.

Otherwise the mix is very good !!

Hey, you’ve got great harmonics!

Though I’d say the mix is overall good, I can’t help but feel there’s some power missing. Doesn’t really jump out at you like the style would suggest. But I say again, it’s still a good mix.

Agreed… @DeeLee :slight_smile:
Trying something out here:

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I really like the guitar sounds on your mix, and the bass sounds really nice and… crunchy. sweet!
I’m not a fan of the effects on the vocal in the verse, the chorus works but I would like to hear the verse be a bit dryer.

I agree with @DeeLee, I’d say that working on the drums and getting them a bit more punchy will add that extra bit of power. Awesome mix, you should definitely enter!

nice arrangement of edits, interesting,
little automation, dial in the guitar feedback, find a way to give some Oomph ,
Will be a perfect mix,
This is almost a perfect example of how Boz’s new plugin (soon to be named) would come in handy !!!
to me vox could use energy as well as the drums, and I like your edits,

Going to be a challenge to beat this mix,

Yup… what I tried did not work. And I am sure that it is the drums that suck the energy out.
Like I said, I edited them to get the backbeat tight to the grid for reasons also mentioned above.
The lack of push (and pull) kill the energy IMHO. Only way to fix it is to start over
The vox can go in a couple of directions. I’m happy with the “style” part of it but will probably automate some distortion in parts…
Thanks for all the feedback!

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That’s a nice one Rich. Why not enter? I’ve heard a few already and yours holds it fine against the others!

Thanks for that… But I’m already “oversensitized” to the tune right now. Working on some other stuff to get a fresh start.

Decided to go with my original ideas and took away the things that I did with the intent to make it “contest ready” :slight_smile:
Still not going to enter the contest… I’m a little fatigued on the tune and probably wouldn’t listen/vote on other’s entries … so fair is fair… :slight_smile:

Great mix. The only change I would do is lower the volume of the snare, it dominates the mix too much. I dig the tones you are getting.


Yup… for sure the snare needs to take a step back or 2 :slight_smile:
Here it is with a few automation moves…

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