Bash my orchestral piece

This is a woodwind quintet I wrote in Sibelius with NotePerformer’s audio library. I’d like to get some feedback on whatever you might notice here, all criticism is welcome!


This is a beautiful woodwinds arrangement! Well written. Do you have the score for live performance yet? I would love to try this with my friends someday.

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Thank you @FluteCafe for the encouragement. Here is the score, it isn’t ready to publish but it should work for a rehearsal.

Woodwind Quintetpdf.pdf (93.8 KB)

That would be wonderful if you wanted to play this, and if a couple of mics happened to be left on at some point that would be cool too! :grinning:

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I loved it. Really beautiful piece. I’m not really a classical fan, but I could listen to this all night. I totally enjoyed it. I thought the mix was balanced and sounded great on my little desk top system.

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@Pchad902 thank you for listening and for your kind words. And also thank you for contributing to this forum where we can exchange ideas and hear good music.

Very nice. I am picturing an animated cartoon with some sneaking up taking place. ha ha I don’t think like most.

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I’m a Realtor and extremely busy right now so I apologize for the slow response…You’re
welcome and I also enjoy this forum and it’s contributors

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Very interesting insight @feaker, one of us must work for the CIA! :sunglasses:

Thank you for listening and your support.

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I had seen the collab with Michelle weeks ago but not gotten around to listening to it today, after I noticed this woodwind piece, which I started but accidentally stopped when I searched for the other.

So now I’m back to this one. Once again, very cerebral! Not jazz, but equally soothing in nature. I dare say you are getting the hang of orchestral composition, @ingolee! I knew you were good years ago as evidenced by Planet of Beautiful People Orchestral Refrain (which no one has yet heard, but it is also fantastic).

I personally know next to nothing about this category of music, except that we consume it constantly in soundtracks. I think we take it for granted most of the time and have silent appreciation for how good it usually is. Like @feaker I found myself slipping into some 1930s Disney cartoon with swans and squirrels etc, but it did evoke a bucolic setting for me mentally.

Great job!