Bash: My First Rap Song For The New Year

I wrote the lyrics a while ago and finally made a simple beat for it in LMMS. No cussing has taken place during this recording!


Here’s my third attempt at mixing my rap song:

-Lowered vocals amplitude by 2 db, inspired by @redworks advice. Also, used a parallel delay for vocals as suggested.

  • Changed master bus compressor from ReaComp to FerricTDS, compressing only peaks by 0.5 db as @BigAlRocks mentions here: Mix Bus Compression
    -No brickwall limiter.
    -Fixed final chorus, which was slightly off-beat

I’m listening from my laptop right now, so I can’t really give it a fair bashing, but I will as soon as I can.
Where are you from? It’s so interesting to hear hip-hop from different parts of the world. The grooves really vary from place to place. Fun to check out

I am not much of a rap guy so take this with a grain of salt. I think that the vocals could use some delays and the instruments could be pushed a little harder.

The beat gets a little monotonous. I’d look at adding some extras to make the track a little more interesting.

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@holster The language is Albanian. Im an Albanian residing in Pennsylvania, US.

@redworks I agree, definitely in the beginning it could use some delay. Could be pushed, volume wise, you mean?

Definitely its a simple beat. Thanks for listening!

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Yeah you could push the volume up and if it starts peaking push it into a compressor.

comes in WAY too hot. almost blew my YAMs bro. Glad I have a limiter.

Otherwise it’s neat. a little lacking in difference in the music track. Hooks are tight although, no clue what they’re saying. Check out some MC Chris for the nerd synth and three 6 mafia for the bump for reference and you should have a banger.


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I’m not a RAP guy but the only thing i could say is

  • pretty nice flow.
  • would have make those vocals more dirty by using some distortion
  • maybe more diversity in the music would be better.
    It’s a cool start
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@markeux maybe adlibs are a bit too loud? Fixed 'em!

I know it’s a nice flow @Moa22. It was taken after Hitler!

vocals seem a little dry maybe a little reverb