Bash my Big Band

I’d really like to get some feedback on this song so all criticisms and suggestions are welcome, thanks for listening.

I’m not the ideal person to critique this style of music but I’ll try.

This has a Jazzy Lounge feel.

I like the first 50 seconds the most because there is a melody and feel that keeps my interest. Things get a bit “jammy” after that, although you do have some good ideas in some spots.

The sax is a bit overbearing to me at times. Not sure if it’s the volume or the tone of it that sounds a bit unpleasant. Is it a midi sax ?

I think the overall drum sound could be improved. The high hats seem to be quite prominent and they are very straight forward for a jazzy song like this. Maybe if you inject a little swing on those hi hats in places throughout the song it could help the groove and the feel.

The sounds at 1:39 to 1:45 are little overbearing and the whole part between 1:36 and 1:45 feels like it detracts from the song.

I’m wondering if you used a few MIDI instruments here and or/ keyboard sounds. Sometimes it can be difficult to make MIDI instruments sound effortless and natural to the song unless you really spend a lot of time trying to work them out in a way that an instrumentalist of each individual instrument would.

You’ve got lots of good stuff going on in this song and I think you can sharpen a few things up to make it much more palatable and solid. This is a great start!

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Adding a comment to remind me to come back and listen when I have a chance. :slight_smile:

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You have good ears and you’re a good musician which makes you an excellent critic in my view. I think your comments are good and they made me reconsider my approach to this song which was to leave it loud and unpolished which I want to change.

So I pulled it down for reworking and I’ll repost later. Thanks for the help!


Thanks Mike, please do that as I have pulled the song to make some changes.

Since I often like it loud and unpolished, I am predicting I would have liked it had I heard it, dude! But on the other hand, there’s always room for improvements, especially on new songs no one has ever heard before, including barely oneself. @Wicked did offer some specific comments, so your new version will be a lot stronger for that.

I’m looking forward to it!