Bash my attempt at Djenty instrumentals

Hi all. Fresh from the oven. How does it sound on your end?


Wow this is awesome! Love the lower-gain rhythm guitars, great lead, super meaty bass tone etc… If I were to suggest anything I’d say the snare could use some more low-mid oomph, and in some sections either the drums could come up in level or the guitars/bass could come down a bit, as they seem to overpower the drums and steal some of their thunder. Minor stuff though. Great track, thanks for sharing!

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Damn…Great playing (Nuno would be proud) I like all the parts and sections how you arranged them you kept things interesting. I agree with @blairhall1974 Bass sounds good maybe a little volume adjust though but, that might be just nitpicking.Also at times 2.47 and other sections some taming a little on around 2k sticking out a little GT (hiss sound) might just be my ears.

Very Very nice!

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Hi @blairhall1974 and @Jerze, thanks for the kind words my dudes. The bass level was the trickiest part for me. Honestly, I don’t really like this mix because the bass seems too powerful to my ear. But then I mix this thing using a Klipsch in-ear that is low-mid heavy. Glad that the bass seems okay enough on your rig.

@Jerze, just curious, what made you mention Nuno? Is it because I abused the fast triplet run haha

I was waiting for more responses but I guess the word “djent” drives people in this forum away :smile:

After seeing the Nuno reference, I can’t unhear it! Lol. Great playing! I’m not usually much for the “djent” genre, but what you’re doing here is good stuff. I like the flow of it a lot. :beerbanger:

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Sounds good to me… the bass is audible and distinct which to me is really good in a busy piece like this. I like that it stands out from the guitars and drums. Arrangement is also very cool… kept me interested and guessing all the way through. Sounded good enough on my crappy headphones at work… but here at home it’s really nice on my monitors!

Great job! You left the meat in instead of scooping it. Just enough gain. Seems like everything has a place here! very nice.

Hi there @Cstuettgen. Thank you, it’s hard to resist scooping the mids when most bands in this genre are doing it. In the end I went with what sounds good to me even if its the opposite of my reference tracks. Glad you like it too.

@JonniKELANA Maybe one day people reference you. I am often told there is no real right or wrong but just some best practices. Here’s about as heavy as I get. Just a jam track

Aww you are too kind.

Hey that isn’t just some jam tracks, you got a real catchy riff in there. And a lot of space for vocals. You should consider adding vocals to it.

If only I wrote lyrics and sang worth a dang lol