Bash me, I am french

A song i wrote and recorded at home.

Decided to wrote it in french and in english.
It is a one man recording.
The song is named “Press it !”

Had the idea of the song in the end of december (29)
Think i am not far from done.

What do you think ?


Sounds great - Really enjoying the full and warm tones. Mix sounds really fat and punchy. Performances are excellent too.

The one thing I noticed was the bass - it sounds like you played it with a pick, and I really love the tone you got. However, the attack on the notes of the bass is messing with the overall rhythm at times - particularly when it flams against the attack of the kick drum. It is really noticeable during the bridge (from about 2:40 - 3:12).

I think if you got the attack of the kick and bass to work better together, it would improve the overall groove of the track.

Nice work - I really enjoyed listening.

Je n’aime pas le violon. Cela ne fonctionne pas avec les accords dans la musique. La voix a un bon son. Le rythme de la guitare est bon.

Pouvez-vous écrire les paroles s’il vous plaît?

Everytime I listen to this song i like it more and more. Will comment further later :wink:

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I am digging the groove in this song. I think that you could bring the intro guitar up a touch. By the end of the last chorus and into the outro the level is feeling stagnant. I would have that ‘solo’ guitar track come up in that section. Also that last bass notes and slide stand out awkwardly like you automated it up. Whether you did or not, pull it back some. Really good job on this

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La chanson est bien plaisante déjà, elle accroche et tu chantes très bien.
Aussi je trouve le son terrib’, vraiment rien à dire de ce côté là car même la distortion sur la voix dans les refrains en anglais me plaît. La basse fonctionne telle quelle, belle batterie, super taff.
Après certains causeront pour causer mais je ne vois pas de défaut, c’est très bien produit.

Bravo, sincèrement.


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Sounds really good ,nice and thick sounding

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Great job. The mix and performance are really good.

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Not bad.
And I may add it to my french language learning lessons.

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Merci 974dB

je suis (chose rarissime) assez satisfait du son. Pour la composition c’est là
que je souhaitais me faire basher…

Merci encore.

The bass was not automated… I’ll think about it !
The “solo” was not really a solo, more just a melody.
Maybe should i boost that tack yes.

TY redworks for the constructive feedback.

Nice use of Deepl translator or Google translate.

Why do you think that the strings don’t work ? Tu trouves qu’il y a des erreurs d’harmonie
ou tu penses seulement que ça ne va pas dans le morceau ?
Pour les paroles, je vais faire ça, mais c’est assez dur à assumer…

Merci Jonathan


thx for the feedback. About the bass guitar is not quantized, and i don’t want to do it.
The attack of it was inspired by the bass tone of some old Serge Gainsbourg’s songs.
During the bridge, it is particularly loud yes. Maybe a bit too much. But I wanted it.

Thank you for the feedback.

It was google translate :smiley:

The first one. Its problems with the harmonic structure. And more-so in the beginning. It works itself out as the song progresses. As far as the intro goes, some of your inversions (particularly on the second chord in the system) I couldn’t tell if you were hearing a (VI maj7) or a iv(minor 9). And I felt the string line confused this a little. I would consider adding a second voice, or even a counter-melody during that intro part. A counter melody (as in a little motivic riff) could be cool because there isn’t anything else going on.

I wasn’t sure about the walkup before it goes back to the 1…I probably would have had that line move around just a little bit, to accommodate the walking line even thought its based on the V7. Also at :39 through :41, for example, the note transitions in the strings line isn’t smooth. It happens a couple times. I would fix this by choosing an articulation with a release sample, or making sure that the tail of one note overlaps the beginning of the next note in the DAW. This will help it to sound a little more organic. So in your software, if they give you the option of of portamento or performance legato, choose this instead of an detache type articulation.

I also think the strings are a little heavy. As in there’s too many players. Have you tried it with a string sample simulating 2-4 players instead of a medium sized orchestra?