Bash first rock jam of the year

Bash first rock jam of the year
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Just a jam so far. no vocals.

Lotsa new stuff for me though:

new laptop
new Slate everything bundle
new S Gear amp sims

let me know how it sounds overall…vibe, tones, levels, balance, issues etc. Static mix. (lotta new stuff but it still sounds like me lol)

ok, I admit, I had to edit and put up mix #2 cuz the first one was leaning like the tower of Piza lol

bridge (breakdown)
chorus 2x

Thanks, JJ

Amp Sim tips

Sounds pretty good on my laptop and earbuds.


Reminds me a lot of the music in DOOM from the 1990s. Pretty cool. I noticed that sometimes the guitar seemed a bit ahead of the drums. The arrangement could probably benefit from something to kind of fill out the mix a bit, to my taste anyway. Like a pad. Just some different textures. Right now it’s really mid-rangy with the guitars front and center.


You played DOOM? You are super cool. Like the demo, don’t wanna bash it too much because I don’t want to dissuade you and your creativity.


Sounds like it has promise. Levels wise, the drums need to gel with the bass more for it to all sound cohesive. Possibly just a tweak of the bass level would do it.


Hi Me likes. I am in cans and it sounds a little thin in the mids??? Like to hear more bass too, especially in the verse. That’s just me I bet. Guitar playing and sound are very good. Like to hear a little riff now and then of a screaming nature. ha ha This will be a blast to add a vocal to. What a great start. This will be fun to hear it emerge full sound.


Sounds good to me but it will need vocals to complete the tune.