Bash Crash :)

I was supposed to do this:

But I made a wrong turn and ended up here:

Where did I go wrong?

Nothing’s wrong there !

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I like yours better. However, you could do more with the low end. The bass seems pretty present. The kick drum maybe needs more low end (click is fine). It seems like there is some kind of EQ mid-cut thing going on, which puzzles me. I don’t know if that’s the separate track elements or some EQ moves you have done.

I agree with Stan, yours is much better. I bailed on the original after about forty seconds, but I listened to yours all the way through. :wink:

I’m fine with the low end as is though. I thought the low end was massively overdone in the original. But I never listen to this kind of stuff, so what the hell do I know. :grin:

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I would disagree with those above and say i like the other mix better than yours. More low end is needed in your mix and some movement in the vocal processing.

I should hope so… Someone got paid tons of $$ to do it. :joy::laughing: I do think it’s a brilliant mix, though.
Thanks, Buddy

Yup… for sure. There are a lot of resonances in there. I went from seek and destroy to scorched earth in the mids… :slight_smile: It was quite a challenge to get my tracks to play nicely with the already processed Usher tracks. Guess it still needs work in that respect…
Thanks for your feedback…

Great song. Vocals are amazingly good. Is that first high series a gal? sounds like M Jackson a bit?
Just a great vibe. congrats



Actually that’s Usher singing.
It was from a “remix” contest. By the time I was done the only things I used from the stems were the vocals… and some claps. :slight_smile:
Thaks for the feedback

Yup… for sure. There are a lot of resonances in there. I went from seek and destroy to scorched earth in the mids… :slight_smile:

We might be in similar places re; vocal eq.

Recently I’ve gone to town finding all those annoying resonances between 2-5k - the nasal stuff, the ear piercing stuff, the over strident vowel sounds etc.

And I think it’s very easy to fix it until it’s broken. I end up with four or five really narrow-Q cuts and though it fixes the problem, it also fundamentally destroys something, some element of realness and presence in the tone of the vocal which can never be brought back. And by getting rid of THOSE harmonics, you expose stuff higher up and suddenly they become the thing your ear focuses on - all the mechanical noises up at 8K+

So I’m trying to do a lot less of that kind of thing, and just subtly deal with the midrange resonance thing in a gentler way, like generally choosing processors that naturally smooth it out (say, tape sims, transformer sims, smooth compressors like MJUC) then dealing with the last remaining stridency right at the very end of the mix when maybe a 2dB cut at 3k turns out to be all it needs.

I hear you buddy… :slight_smile:
In this case I track drums and a lot of gtr parts. Sloppy playing led to a lot of “noise” in the low mids that just happened to line up with my snare and the low end of the vocals. I eq’d a bunch of that out with surgical eq and caught the rest with dynamic eq. If I get time, I’ll pull it all off and get more detailed with dynamic eq …
Thanks again