Bash away

let you go

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Cool track!.. It sounds very good to me.

Some things I noticed:

  • The guitars feel a little bit too “in my face” for a soulful track like this. I think they could do with a little bit more space around them - to put them a little “behind” the vocal in the soundstage. I think in particular the guitar in the left channel might need some automation to control it a little more in the track - it is quite dynamic.

  • The saturation on the vocal becomes a little too aggressive and noticeable at times. I think it could be a little subtler on a track like this.

  • The wide stereo treatment of the vocal double in the chorus takes me out of the moment somewhat. The vocal feels really intimate in the verse, so when the chorus hits there is a sense of cognitive dissonance when I hear the vocal saying “I (singular) would never let you go” but it’s coming from two different vocal performances on different sides of the stereo spectrum.

Overall, it sounds really nice though. :+1:

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Cheers,yeah will have another play.Yeah the guitars are a nightmare in this they are all over the place

Listening on my iPhone now. Not the best reference. But… I love the song! There’s not a lot of soul on this site and I love it!. All the more reason to check it out again in my studio. Will come back to you!

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Hi Really nice. The accent guitars are awesome, but a little hot. When is stops at 1:42 it is real intimate. I think just tame down some of the rest a bit. Really like this a lot. congrats

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