Band merch display

So anyone here that is currently touring? Sorry of this is in the wrong section…

Looking for an easy portable display for tee shirts and quite a few other products.

Something easily portable.

I’ve seen some other bands use these mesh things that go behind merch table and display on that with clips. Any other suggestions? The cheaper and lighter - the better.

Maybe something like metal closet shelving ?

It’s not too pricey and strong enough so that it could be used for the side supports of a display as well.

Here’s what google shows.

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Thanks, that display2go didn’t show up on my end, there are some really good ones.

We’d love to see the setup when you’re done!

Hopefully will get it before next gig, I’ll post here.

the office as of now

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Nice merch pursuits. I’m just curious what the band name “ScrollKeeper” means. I may have asked before but can’t remember. It’s cool, kind of cryptic but yet relatable, like “the keeper of the scrolls”, or “the keeper of the keys”. Ancient themes, esoteric implications, but yet vague and mysterious at the same time. Open hands, skulls (?), and combat seem to be the themes. Couldn’t see the images all that well though …

Here are the shirt designs


Scrollkeeper…just cause Beekeeper was taken :slight_smile:
I guess it means fancy librarian.

We kinda concentrated on history b/c singer is History teacher, so naturally we kept it gory.