Banana split ,mix 2

One more mix after the feedback on the first

This is sounding great, Alan - you’re a mixing MACHINE! Your mixes are very consistently good… Are you doing any of this in a professional capacity?

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Cheers bud i really appreciate that.No its just been a hobby really so far .I will give it probably another year and get a portfolio together .I think in another year i will also be a lot better with any luck. I think i would put a lot more effort in to my mixes if there was a check at the end of it lol

I totally enjoyed this, Alan! Some people shine because they have virtuoso chops, but you shine because of your melodic decisions, arrangement and stellar performance, like a Bowie.

It would be a valid incentive being paid to put out such quality, but it first satisfies the heart, and so you have to take solace in achieving what you are, and hope you stumble on the inspiration for your next songs. You are setting your own bar pretty high, dude!

Cheers but i only really mix mainly and record my own stuff here and there .I only mixed this but thanks