Bad luck as of late

My puter died. Had to reinstall windows and lost everything. Had a backup but I did it wrong and the external hard drive was empty. Couldn’t get email working to get back on IRD Never used email on my phone and just got it going …couldn’t remember my IRD password…lost my consecutive days visiting here.
Had covid. got it last January. Got two jabs in May. Got covid again this Monday…now pneumonia …very very ill, but will make it because my temp just started dropping…crap happens…didn’t know where to post this I am determined not to die. I wrote and sung a new song. never heard rasp like that before…love you guys

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Hang in there Paul, I’m praying for you! I could tell you lots of stuff but you might think I’m crazy. Despite what the mainstream is telling you, those getting jabbed seem to be getting the Covid/Delta stuff. If you had asked me I would have said don’t get the J-stick, but for God’s sake don’t get the Boosties. I understand your age may have been a factor in your decision, but if you’re strong as a mule and healthy, the natural immunity from the Wuhan flu probably would have got you through.

Brain fog can happen from J-stick - take supplements Quercetin, Vit D, Vit C, Zinc daily ASAP. It may help.

Your will to live will likely save you. Stand up for what you know is right in your heart and don’t let ‘experts’ and ‘authorities’ bamboozle you. Don’t take Remdesivir or allow intubation/ventilator whatever you do. Fight the good fight.

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Hey Paul, I’m sorry to hear what you’re going through. Hang in there, man. You might have to go through some hard times til you make it through your illness and hardships but you’ll come out of it. I’m wishing you the best and looking forward to hearing that you’re back to your self again soon.

I’ve had a few scary experiences with the behaviour of my recording laptop computer recently, so I’ve been planning on backing up my stuff and buying a new laptop, soon. The thought of losing all my laptop recordings is more than unsettling! Yikes! I’m going to have to figure out how to save full Reaper projects on an external hard drive. I’m not sure how easy or straight forward it is.

Get better soon, buddy. We’re rooting for you!


It’s very easy, many ways to do it. Get the external hard drive or you can even do Cloud backups. Get a software solution, do the backups, then check/validate them to make sure it’s working. I have used SyncToy (Microsoft) on Windows for a long time. I did have a glitch recently, but just deleted the .dat files associated with the program and started fresh. That one is free. For reasonable cost you can get better results. If it’s worth that much to you, a small investment may be reasonable. Or you can just drag-and-drop a master folder and overwrite the older files. All these things take a little bit of time to copy over, but like 10 minutes per week. It’s basic computer maintenance IMO. Schedule it and do it once per week. I do it on Sunday’s.

Hey Stan the man. I fought with my doc about the vax but he won. I got the double moderna. My pulse ox is hanging in there around 92. I am doing a lot of deep breathing. They tell me that the chance of getting it again is very low, and if you do you should shake it right away. right. My wife left this aft to get groceries, so I sneaked out and took my 36 allis chalmers dozer for a ride hoping it would not be the last. Thanks much for the support. Avoid this in every way. It is really tough

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Hey thanks mr W. i hope to make it thru the night. That will be the first step. Our local hopitals can’t take anyone right now.

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I’m sure you’ll be fine, Paul. Just make sure you don’t overexert yourself. Stay hydrated and get some movement by walking around every once in awhile but get a lot of rest and relaxation. You’re going to beat this!

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92 is promising. Deep breathing is good. Moving around is good too, so your dozer adventure likely helped. Whatever you do, don’t lie on your back immobile. At least lay prone (belly down) and try to move around as much as possible.

The AMA is threatening to take away licenses of physicians who don’t toe the line and follow the narrative and the “protocol”. If I were you, I’d reassess my relationship with that medical provider. Just sayin’.

Feel better, man. :orange_heart: On the ever so slightly bright side, now you have a serious vocal fry you can tap into!

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Lots of fluids and rest are what’s needed. You’ll be feeling better before you know it and all the best songs come from low periods in a musician’s life.

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Sorry to hear that! Get well soon man.

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