Back to the metal! The Cycle by Unvisioned

If anyone is subscribed to Nail The Mix/URM this is in their “portfolio approved” multitracks.


  • Non-clean guitars were all reamped with a mic’d cabinet… I haven’t done that in a while so any commentary on that would be lovely.
  • Really dig the bass tone I got… did the now standard method of splitting into two tracks: subs and amp track… always concerned my subs are a bit heavy though
  • Struggled a bit with the overheads, found them to be a little crunchy so it was tough to get them to sound how I like them.
  • Kick I think needs to be automated… pokes out a bit too much in spots. This genre tends to have obnoxious kicks and snares though.
  • Vocal levels are automated some, might need more

Bash away… I’ll come back to this probably next week with fresh ears.

wow yeah i am liking the tone of the guitars and the bass. This whole thing is feeling pretty tight to me. i don’t listen to this style of music much so I don’t have much of reference so i could be missing something but it sounds good to me.

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