Back for another Bashing…Original Tune

Everyone was so helpful last time with my Rock Version of a Cure tune, I thought I’d throw this new one out there; wrote and recorded over the weekend. Really trying to lock in the mix.

It’s like a heavy rock oldies weezer-ish reverby tune called “The Visit”. I never fade out the endings of my songs but it just seemed like the right thing to do this time.

Same disclaimer as last time…I’m primarily a guitarist and bassist, do my best on the drums, I tolerate my vocals, and love writing and recording.

Thanks for any feedback!


love the vibe Intro way too long? Should have the chorus before the one minute mark. (so they say)like the bgvs. Kinda a robotic vocal that works well with the feel. Might be good to reduce both the intro and outro and get some more candy in there. Also a little break to let it breathe like a bridge with maybe just drums and you…maybe bass. Just throwing out first impressions. Pretty quick …just a weekend.
sincerely Paul

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Just listening on my crud speakers at work, but I know them well, and it sounds very good here… The mix doesn’t seem overly bright and biting in the high mids, as I remember that being a bit of an issue with the last mix you posted. Nice work!

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Haha! Thanks. I’d be a bad student if I showed up with all the same mixing issues as last time. The advice you gave me to hi pass the outside kick has helped a lot. Definitely dialed back the biting highs on the guitar too. I’m hearing some weird woofing resonance frequencies in the guitar at times but I can’t seem to dial it back. I don’t think it’s very noticeable if you’re not focusing on it.

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Yeah, long intro on this one. Most of my originals jump right into it. But I decided to let it ride and keep it simple early on. But I did have the same thought. Thanks for the feedback!

Just having another listen on my studio system. This is really cool! I’m getting very much a Weezer “Green” album (one of my favourites) vibe.

The only thing I picked up this time was that some of the cymbal crashes in the right channel jump out a tad too much. Maybe some automation on you OH would help on a few of those moments too.

There is a LOT of sustain happening on the crashes as well… I wonder if speeding up the release time on the OH compressor would maybe not grab the tail of the sustain so much?

Top job!

Awesome, thanks! Agree with the crashes. The hi hat was bugging me too. Both are a little overbearing. I tried pulling the volume down on the OHs but I was losing the crack of the snare (recorded using Recorderman technique with the L OH 2 stick lengths right above the snare, also have close mics on all the drums). When I tried to compensate with the snare close mic the hi hat bleed got ugly. It’s an ongoing battle. I replaced my SM57 with a Beyer M201 and it made a big difference. Great mic, wish I made that change years ago.

I’ll try adjusting the compression and adding some manual volume decreases on the initial crash hits. I’ll pull that mic farther away from the crash next time too. Great advice!

Hi flyguitarfish,
Really good song and instrumentation. I love the guitar solo.
Your vocals is actually very nice. The mix is good to my ears, and the ending fade is perfect.
Well done!

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Looks like my compressor is at 4:1 ratio, medium attack, 1.75 sec release. From what I’m reading, should be ok. I’ll play with it to see how the sound changes with different settings.

Maybe if I pull the volume back just a little overall and pull back a little of the higher frequencies the hats and crashes might be less offensive. I’ll definitely move the R OH mic farther back/away from that right crash on my next recording.

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That guitar tone :heart:

Great mix! Listening on headphones that tend to exaggerate the lows a bit, but it’s translating perfectly. Good job on the kick and bass mix too! I like the guitar hook on the outro. Might be cool to suggest that in the intro too? It could stir up that little bit of interest you’re looking for and tie it all together. My 2 cents :slight_smile:

Thanks Bryan. Had the same thought about adding some guitar to the intro.

Guitars tracks were all with the bridge Pearly Gates on my Strat into the PRS Archon/Audix D2, Dual Rectifier/SM57, and dirty channel of my Orange Bass Butler. Mesa Rectifier 2x12 cabs for both amps. For a bass preamp, the Bass Butler has a cool guitar tone since it’s based on a Marshall guitar amp.

…Speaking of Orange, when are you going to sell me your Wampler Catapulp?! It will be used and loved! Share the joy!

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Haha! A hint has been dropped. :stuck_out_tongue:

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