I am trying to get in some regular mixing practice. Either from contests or just files that are available for such practice. I think it would be fun if others had a go as well and submitted their mix.
If you would like to have a go and add your mix these are available at:
and it is the avec_home
If people are interested in taking part then in the future i will post the next mix I am going to be working on before i even start.

Anyway here is my first mix for this one. Thanks for any and all feedback.

Here is my second mix

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Great mix overall, nothing to pick out on the vocals. The guitars around 2min marker sound a bit tinny and thinned out in an aesthetic sense when mixed with the organ. Maybe a bit of wetness to the guitars at that point could do the trick on sounding separate from the organ

Thanks Michelle, I am glad to hear that.

Yeah I wasn’t liking the vibe there so I actually automated out the guitars a wee bit and it was not a good solution so I pulled them back up and pulled out the parts i didn’t like and I think it is working better. I will post above if you are interested. Thanks again.

sure I can give it another listen

cool it is there now.

yeah its a bit cleaner on those parts around 2:05 - 2:10 with the guitar pluck subdued when the organ takes over. Its a minor change yet significant enough I think.

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I was really enjoying that track - right up until I got to the singing… I’m sorry… I just can’t listen to it… call me an old fart, call me a curmudgeon - I don’t care!..

It’s hard to imagine a singing style worse than the horrors of the T-Pain fad, but somehow, some way, the hipsters have found one!

… I mean, she sounds like she has either a REALLY bad speech impediment, or she is attempting to eat a chewy caramel sweet and sing at the same time… tried again to listen…No, I just can’t bear it!.. This must have been what it was like for my parents :rofl:

Can you post the song without the vocals, by any chance? I might make it past the 30 second mark then… Sorry for not being at all helpful - I really wanted to, but… and I don’t mean to rant, but…

Just ignore me and carry on :sunglasses:

:rofl: I worked on this song all week and it wasn’t until I was doing my final automatons that something started to bother me and then finally I realised someone had take out all the constants in the lead vocals and it wasn’t me.
I don’t get it but ah well we will just chalk this up as a learning experience, I need to take a closer listen to the words them selves early on in the process.
Thanks for at least trying.

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someone is having a bad Daw day ?? Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Truth be told i feel that way about all singing in general…classics, 80s , 90s and today lol. I dont mind working with vocals but when it comes to my own listening preference, there is a reason my playlist has zero tracks with vocals in it. Orchestral all the way, operatic and celtic choir vocals is ok though :hugs:… just no lyrics.

Anyway dont mean to digress… i still think the track is a great mix and a good listen.


No, that’s just me being my usual grumpy self - after staying alive for more than 50 years, I think I’ve earned the right :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Now, that’s just weird! :rofl:

Well, anyhoo - My hipster threshold was at an all-time low last night…The good news is, I’ve managed to suitably steel myself, and I’ve made it through the whole song!..

Indeed, it is an excellent mix (listened to the most recent version). The vocals, guitars, piano and bass sound fantastic. Lovely warmth and fullness to them. At first I thought the piano might be a bit too dark, but it suits the track the way it is.

The one issue I have is the drums. To me, they sound like they are in a separate room to the rest of the mix elements. Everything else is so up front and distinct, but the drums feel very “small” and diffuse, waaay in the background by comparison. I would suggest bringing in some more close mic into the drum sound to bring it forward a tad, and bring some more rhythmic presence into the mix.

…oh, and not to harp on it too much (I know you have a good sense of humour, Eric), but I thought you might enjoy this breakdown of the singing style - it is scarily accurate!..

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Yeah they only gave us two mics one on the floor tom and one overhead. I probably could have get more out of that OH.
Thanks so much for the feedback and the good laugh. That girls got some skills.

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Oh wow lol… didnt know there was a whole linguistic approach to this. But then again she sounds like every other singer from the Aguilera era :rofl:

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Sounds good overall, but Its hard to hear the snare drum. It sounds too far in the background. The vocals are also a bit upfront for my tastes, but besides that the balance and overall sound is great.

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Thanks for the feedback.

Yeah they only provided on OH mic and a floor tom so the snare was hard to hear. I probably should have pushed that harder and maybe done some snare triggering.