Automation suggestions?

Automation suggestions?


Hy guys,

I’ve had another go on some multitracks I found. personally I feel like I’m getting somewhere. Again its a headphone mix so I guess theres probably some issues, but I would expect that on any speakers I mix on :smiley: I tried my best to use compression for as far as I get them, but I think the bass sounds pretty tight. I use the fabfilter compressor cause I feel like its a good one to learn, with the graphics and all.
Its all analog recordings, no samples and no sims.

So far, I only done gate’s, compressor (only fabfilter one but with different styles) EQ (also fabfilter, the make such awesome plugs :stuck_out_tongue: ) and reverbs. Added a bit of parallel compression on drums, some ambient reverb on guitars, some plate reverb (epicverb) and some hall on the synth’s.

Could you put my feet back on the ground cause I’m in the ''feeling the progress cloud " :stuck_out_tongue: And could you advise me some automations ? I haven’t done any of it yet, but would like to get me started on that.

Thanks in advance !


Apparently on my cheap speaker the vocals almost disappeared, so I gave it a little tweak there.


In general, real good mix. And smart move bringing the vocals up. I agree with that decision.

I might add a little bit of automation on the guitar solos to bring the finger work he’s doing in the lower registers forward a little so it doesn’t get buried behind the thick layers of drums and other guitars in that passage.


Thanks man :slight_smile:

Ok, I will try that !

You think this is worth asking money for ? I’m not sure I would before I get some kind of setup with speakers, but i’m just wondering when I might be ready to do some actual work for people :slight_smile:


What part? The mix or the song?

If you’re talking about the mix, then definitely yes. I would strongly encourage you to bill that client for the time you spent on this mix. I would start charging for your services even if it is less than you intend to earn later. Your setup will improve when you have proper speakers, but I think your skill level is sufficient to start billing clients.


Yeah I meant for the mix :slight_smile:

Thanks for the insight man! You kinda made my day! I haven’t had much reference yet, from other people or myself from other setups, so its not easy to judge for myself :slight_smile: So thanks man !

This was just a mix of multitracks I found online. Real recordings I done myself shall have to wait. Need to save some money to start building a room in my basement. But I’d like to provide some mix service at least, so I can do some small projects, mainly to help out bands mix their own recordings.

What would you find a reasonable price to ask for mixing /song ? In my situation then.


Part of this is going to depend on your geographic market. Where are you? What city/state/country?

And how to do you intend to advertise?

When you’re just starting out your market price for mixing jobs online is going to reflect pricing dependencies of your geographic region.


So, this is my first post on a mix on this forum. Let me start out by saying I’m an early learner, so take what I say with a grain of salt. If Jonathan disagrees with anything I say, your rule of thumb is: go with what he says! :slight_smile:

I love this mix. I only joined the forum recently and am blown away with how professional the mixes are here, this piece included.

Love the balance. I’m mainly a guitarist. I absolutely love the sound and eq on the lead guitars. I agree with Jonathan that a little automation would help, and to my ears, just a few dB more volume on the lead guitars during the lead breaks. I love that sound. It’s almost metal with a touch of 80s Eagles’ guitar. Cool.

My son is a drummer. Really into metal/scream-o stuff, cuz of the complexity of what they do with drums. I’m talking August Burns Red, know what I mean? (Greiner is amazing!). So, to my ears, I think the drums need some work:

I could go for a little more separation with the drums. They’re not quite loud enough for this genre maybe. Maybe that’s just a matter of taste, but that’s me. A bigger deal, though is that I can’t get enough of the kick on my speakers: on headphones (Grado SR-80s) and on my KRK monitors (VXT4), the kick just ain’t coming thru. The only time I really hear it is on the double-kick breaks, but it doesn’t sound natural. I can’t tell if these are perhaps MIDI drums? If so, on those double-kick parts it’d help a LOT to automate the velocity of the kick. It sounds too perfect. All the same velocity.

Not only is the kick not loud enough, but it’s dull and muffled. Needs a little more crack. It competes with the bass and gets lost.

In the lead guitar breaks the high-hats are a bit loud, a bit tinny and distracting.

Now, on the other hand, the snare is awesome. Very nice snap. Same with the toms. Excellent. Don’t touch them!

Another thing with the drums – and you might not have control over this (ya work with what you’re given) – is that for this genre they seem maybe too structured. Just a thought, but it still somehow sounds very “pattern-based” — pattern-fill-pattern-fill. I’m thinking it’d benefit from more varied embellishments rather than just fills at the end of phrases. Again, you might not have control over that: that’s more about arrangement than mix, but just sayin’.

Bass guitar maybe gets lost a bit. Could use a bit more definition.

All that said, this is an awesome mix., Nice energy. The mix on the guitars is beautiful, both in tone and in balance. The other stuff, I’m making suggestions. I might be way off, but I hope there’s some value in my feedback. All that to say, I could never have mixed this as well as you did! Seriously, I’m making some suggestions, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that this mix does indeed sound quite professional.

Nicely done,


Really nice! I’m surprised you got such good balance using headphones. Good call bringing the vocal up.


Sorry for the late response, I didn’t have much time to properly respond yesterday :slight_smile:

I live in Belgium, so part of my market could also be the Netherlands. So its Belgium and southern Holland. Maybe a bit of Germany, but that depends, surely not in the beginning.


Hey dude, thanks for the review :slight_smile: I’m also kind of blown away by a lot of what I hear on here!

Seems like something I should adress then :slight_smile: I’ll have a look at it. The only contribution I have to this sound is just some EQ and reverb, the rest is all pre-recording.

Hmm, I shall have to look into that :slight_smile: Haven’t listened on many speakers yet so I can’t say :smiley: The drums are definitely acoustic, but maybe the compressor takes abit to much life out of it ? For my taste it didn’t realy sound al to bad, but then again, I’m also stil in the early stages of developing my ears to this stuff.

Yeah, i have no say in this at all :smiley: I don’t even know how long ago it was recorded. I just found the tracks on that cambridge website. All I did was mix :smiley:

Do you mean on specific parts ? Cause there are 2 parts where they used a different bass sound. Way more distorted, but les low end heavy. I didn’t have a DI signal, so I wasn’t sure how to give it more body without changing the sound to much. Maybe I just should have bossted the low end on that anyway. I can try.

Thanks man :slight_smile: I had a prety good feeling about this myself as well. And thats a first :smiley: But I gues you could as well, cause to be honest it felt like it mixed itself. The only thing I did was clean up the drum tracks with a gate, that took some fiddling, but no real struggles. And most is done with some compression to ballance the tracks out. I only used the fabfilter compressor, but in different styles. I used the classic to do the first bit of leveling, and the clean to catch the peaks, then on the drum (parrallel) bus I used the buss type.
On the bass I used 3 :smiley: Just to get them extra tight, and to not let every compressor work TOO hard. For the rest I only needed some EQ. and for some depth, I used epicverb (plate) on the drums, and all the rest was done with the fabfilter reverb. I kinda found a nice abient setting for guitars that seems to work pretty wel. The nice thing about this pluging is that you can shape the EQ and fade, like on a graphic eq.

Thanks again for the review ! much appreciated !


Thanks man ! I guess I’m getting used to them :slight_smile: I tried to listen my favourit records on them and listen very carefull.


Hey cool song you mixed. Only using headphones?? Congrats to achieve such a result that way :astonished:

I really like overall tone from guitars, vocal and bass guitars and from what I listened I do understand what a compressor is :slight_smile:

Automation could be a solution adding some dynamics during the song since I found it a bit “flat”… (but metal bands want that, more or less).
You could level up some guitars when vocal is away, enhance the punch of drum breaks at some times or add just little moves on vocal parts where the singer is about to scream to simulate how hard he does!

Mixing-wise, I found that stereo field a bit weird on some things (it’s pretty common while mixing with headphones…), hi-hat too far on the left, some low -end on the right side…
Try to reference some mixes in the same genre to see how it sounds thru your headphones. That way you would know if you go too far on panning.

By the way, really nice work, congrats!!


Thanks man :slight_smile:

I will take your advice under consideration next time I go at it. I need to speakers installed though. Cause I got a “new” hifi setup in the living room, and I hear the problems loud and clear there :slight_smile: But I gotta finish my bathroom first, so the other room clears out, and I can set it up there temporarily. I hope to improve a lot then :slight_smile:
These critiques help a lot !



While I don’t have any technical contributions… I can say I enjoyed it! Sounded quite good on my cheap headphones while at work. The vocals (especially in the chorus) remind me of Todd La Torre. Really nice job on the mix.


Thanks man !

I dont know Todd La Torre :blush:

By now I’ve found a noumber of things wrong with the mix, or workpoints, but I guess that is only naturel.

Gonna do a few more soon, hope they will be better :slight_smile:


Oh, Todd La Torre is currently singing with Queensrÿche.


I know the name of the band, but not the music :smiley:


I think the mix sounds excellent, DeRebel. I’m on phones. With prerecorded tracks, there’s only so much you can do. I’m not technical, but it sounds pretty close to me, including the drums. And granted everything could have dynamic improvements, you should definitely at this point check out some of these suggestions. You’ll never know until you try.


Man this good. That intro got me immediately. Glad to see you bumped up that vocal (very good and believing) This is so powerful. At two minutes, that part is soooo good. I like when you go high with your vox notes spaced to break it up. That lead break is scary good. Big congrats on this…holy cow


Hi, thanks mate, but I do have to mention, that this is not me playing and sining :smiley: I think I could pull it off though, but since I got nothing to show for yet, I’m not gonna claim any of that :smiley:

This is from multitracks found online :slight_smile: Dunno the band.