Asteroid Blues- Ingo and Steve collab

This song has been around for many years and gone through many unsuccessful iterations until now, in my opinion. Thanks to Ingo for the music and tightening up the lyrics. I sing and add the lead virtual guitar riffs. Please let us know what you think.

         Asteroid Blues   by Bancroft & Lee

You may think that I’m paranoid
But I gotta a little problem with an asteroid
Every day it’s in the news
And it’s got me worried, all confused
Now I’m sittin’ on the porch lookin’ at the sky
‘Cuz the asteroid’s comin’ we’re all gonna die.

Lot of stuff happenin’ in the world today
Lot’sa bad news won’t go away
Wars, protests a bad virus
Everything here’s a real crisis
It makes me mad, sad, want to worry
Then I look at the science category

You may say I’m paranoid
Got a phobia about an asteroid
So what do we do as we wait for that day
When the asteroid decides to come our way
Do we sit on the dock, watch the sea level rise
Drink another beer prepare for our demise

Maybe it’s really all a mistake
Just some news that could be fake
Who would have thought some filthy rock in space
Would mean the end of the human race?
Now they say it’s worse than a nuclear war
Just go ask any dinosaur

Friday the 13th, 2029
Could come and go and everything be fine
But there’s a nasty piece of rock with a bad attitude
Don’t look now cuz I think we’re screwed
My name is on it probably yours too
And everybody else before we’re through

That day is comin’ I’m pretty sure
When it comes won’t be no cure
A message from God or maybe the other guy
Your fun time is over, no need to reply
Put your affairs in order, get ready for bed
Kiss the kids goodnite, do what the President said

You may think that I’m paranoid
Cus I got this problem with an asteroid
But every day it’s in the news
Now I’ve got the asteroid blues
Every day it’s in the news
And I can’t shake the asteroid blues

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Nice one guys, that’s one swingin’ tune. Great lyrics too, gave me a good chuckle.

Thank you for the reviews! Now your song: these lyrics are really amusing, and that’s a compliment! I actually wrote a song that used the asteroid word, so we have that much in common. Also, I have a song I have yet to go public with that covers the rising waters, with some humor. I learned recently that the poles had zero ice 5.3 million years ago, and life was thriving just fine, so I am not too worried climate change is going to kill everyone any time soon. Maybe Florida will go underwater again, but it’s not going to kill everyone. Anyway, the song was quite entertaining with the happy instrumental and doom-monger lyrics, haha. CCR was good at that sort of thing with Bad Moon Rising. Though your song had more of a Kinks vibe for me overall; I liked it!