Arturia has a crazy deal

The V-Collection (tons of synths and keyboards) is priced at $399 (until Jan 8th) and brings you some new stuff with its 6th release:

  • 3 more synths: DX7 (with original 12bits DAC emulated), CMI, Buchla Easel
  • one another piano: a “japan” piano :blush:
  • a clavinet (D6) with amp and stomp boxes
  • a revised Analog Lab (free upgrade for V2 users)

And it seems that people that already had buy something will get a special offer to upgrade to newer products.

So, to sum up: 8 analog synths, 4 digital synths, 12 acoustic pianos, 3 electric pianos, a Solina, 3 organs, a tool to browse and play more than 6000 presets with an easy navigation window (tag, repertory, playlist), MIDI learn everywhere, resizable window…

Plus while looking what’s all that stuff really is, I found (thanks Youtube recommendation) Jean-Michel Jarre sharing his thought about what AI (and machine-learning in his example) could bring to the musical creation process…

While I’m not totally keen on that idea, I found it interesting to share! (ok, it’s Arturia kinda ad)

Note: I’m not paid by Arturia in any kind… I even own no product from them :+1:

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I was looking at that yesterday too. I’ve been a big fan of their stuff for a long time now. I wasn’t overly impressed with their “Spark” software, but their synth stuff is quite impressive. I wish I could justify getting that collection. At this point though, it’d just be a toy to play with. lol

Yep, GAS warning for sure! :smile:
For the sake of purpose, you could redo Shout from Tears for Fears with all the “original” synths and patches… except drums (bass from DX7, voice from CMI…),m.482027.html

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If anyone has a previous version of V collection, the upgrade is $199.