Are these fills too light and fluffy

So this guy, that happens to be me, hears voices tucked within the nightly winds.
I had this song up a while ago without any lyrics in the so called chorus section.
Because of the subject matter, I think these acoustic fills are a bit to lame. However I was wondering what kind of notes would be used if the song is mainly in major chords? The track is also too short.

Secrets/and or voices

There’s a voice that speaks to me from way out there
It’s something that is hard for me to share
Knowing things I’m thinking of and places I have been
He whispers to me gently in the wind

Secrets I’ve been keeping deep inside
Knowing very well I had to hide

In silent nights he seldom will appear
A rustle in the trees and I will hear
Masked in wind his breathless sounds a message tucked within
Delivered to me gently in the wind

It’s a pretty song Paul, and I got the sense that you’re a shaman or psychic medium, or an empath at the very least. Not many people hear voices in the wind, except Pocahontas :wink:, and those that are deeply spiritual.

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That’s a very good line!

I don’t think of the fills as light and fluffy but they seem to work fine.


sounds fine to me

I totally agree. @feaker, your lyric writing gets better all the time. That one is killer!! :beerbanger:

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I always thought fills involved a drum roll, but maybe not, I suppose. But your song has no drums. Everything sounds nice in your song! :slight_smile:

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