Arabic scale vst synth

Someone was asking how to play arabic scale on a synth, wondered if anyone knew of a VSTinstrument that does that?

Lot of new arp and chord programs coming out that alter midi, seems like it should be possible to alter certain pitches using pitchbend and lower them 57 cents.

New product for Boz?

Anyone know of anything like that?


In soft synths that I have seen, you can set up the keyboard to play any scale (pretty much).

This from a company called Yonac , synth is Kaspar. (App for ipad)

There are a lot of scales here to choose from, and I am sure any soft-synth /d.a.w. (ableton) can do this.

@tacman7 any luck?

Yeah, I was looking for something for a guy on another forum, I gave him links to some things, maybe get him out there looking.

It wasn’t so much scales he needed but the 1/4 pitch tuning. You can do that manually with pitch bend messages but that’s a big can of worms to open.

If Boz could just write a synth with those values embedded into the Indian scales he could retire early, probably in India, I bet.

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