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My mix for the Waves mix contest

I’ll listen to it later, but I really hate this song with every bone in my body. They combined my two least favorite genres, hip hop and country. A disgrace.

Yes it is a mix of a bit of this and that lol

Sounds really great, Alan - nice controlled low end & full, lush soundscape. Nice balances and blends.

2 things I could probably flag, but I’m not 100% certain about either:

  • I wonder if the lead vocal is loud enough? I mean, it’s certainly loud enough for me, but the expectation of the genre is famously “louder than bombs” or whatever.

  • Something about the tone of the snare bothers me - it might be a personal taste thing, but it just sounds a bit dull and slightly boxy, without much sizzle. I’m guessing it’s a deliberate stylistic choice made by the producer, though.

Nice work… but I have to agree with Dillon about the material - it’s a Frankenstein Genre Disaster made in hell. All the best with the contest!


Cheers mate for the listen. I was having a look at your website the other day, some real nice work on there . I think Joe Wests mix of this track is total garbage and he is a A list mixer, give me strength lol

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i think the stuck on repeat spoken word is too saturated. and then just after at around 2:41 there is section where a couple of words jump out like they were run through the same processing as the spoken word. Also i think the snare sounds a bit like a box, not necessarily bad but could use a little more snap in my opinion. That is what i am hearing that may be helpful.

Hey cool mix, nicely balanced and nothing really faulty to me.
I agree with ColdRoomStudio on things he spotted out.
To add my grain of salt (matter of taste warning!), I’m not very keen on the vocal effect on the second verse, it sounds odd to me :confused:
I also found the kick a bit disconnected from the mix, way to upfront and dry, something weird but I don’t have idea to fix this. Do you layer it with a sample?
Last thing, I found the overall mix a bit static and too “linear”, boring in a way… not easy to deal with…

By the way, cool song and mix to me!

The spoken word just has a radio eq on it, nothing else has. It was really bottom heavy, and well if you are saying about the snare too. On the vox its a flanger

It was an 8o8.cheers for the feedback

I agree with Andrew. The drums are sounding boxy, could you some more reverb and ambience mics. I love how the prize of this contest is having Joe West show you how he mixed it. If you’re good enough to beat him in the contest, why would you care how he mixed it? I’ve lost a lot of respect for big names recently. Slate and Kenny G from reaper had a mixoff in the Slate Audiophiles facebook page, both of their mixes sucked ass for different reasons. Kenny G won using stock plugins in Reaper, even though I think his mix was worse than Slate’s. Both really pedestrian efforts though. It’s like if they don’t have a client they don’t care?

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If you put a line break between any text and your MP3 code, the player will display properly… I fixed it for you.

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Hey, from what I listened on the revised mix, it seems there are some enhancements, very little I found.
I think you “fixed” some parts but I still found the lead vocal on the first chorus too quiet on busy parts.

By the way, I hope you had some fun with that song!

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Quick master with master box .Some people knock it but its free .

I listened to v1 and dropped down here, and you’ve made some nice improvements. The snare sounds more real now, and it transitions out of the intro well. The only nit I would pick is that during the choruses, when you add the guitar that is ringing out the 3 one step chords that it is interfering with the vocals a little, especially on the 2nd chord. You could try thinning that out a little to get it above the vocals harmonically without changing the level. Other than that, this version is much more interesting than the first, and is better in its’ overall tonality.
I also commend CPF, who somehow was able to write a coherent and helpful bash on his 2nd post, after summarily dismissing the song on his first post. That shit takes talent.


Thank you very much. I am an enigma.

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StylesBitchley said about the guirar un the chorus so , The player wont come up no matter what I do

Fixed now - there were spaces in front of your mp3 code. For the player to work the code has to be on it’s own line with no blank spaces in front of it.